AKG K701 Studio Headphone Review

When you see the pictures of these large cans,

Man you may tend to start imagining how heavy they will feel on your head.


That is clearly the opposite when it comes to the AGK K701 headphones.

I think it is safe to say that you cannot just judge a book by just looking at its cover.

That is why I decided to do this AGK K701 review, because I can tell you I think I have found my holy grail when it comes to studio headphones.

AKG K701 is definitely a quality product from a company that has been making quality products for close to 7 decades.

This Austrian company clearly knows what it is doing when it comes to producing headphones that give you that quality crisp sound and desired clarity for home listening.

1. AGK K701 Review Comfortable studio headphones

Open- back studio headphones for home listening that don’t compromise on the quality of sound and deliver amazing soundstage.


  • Amazing Soundstage
  • Comfortable
  • lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Less Noise Isolation
AKG  K701 Review

AKG K701 Studio Headphone Review


This is a solid build open- backed headphone which comes with an exterior design that has a white and silver finish that makes it look eye-catching and retro.

You get a comfortable headset that comes with well-cushioned ear pads, a self- adjusting   headband that can accommodate heads of different sizes and is covered in genuine leather and a durable plastic build that weighs only 235 grams.

Don’t mistakenly think that since they are made of plastic material that there is any compromise on the quality of these headphones.

 This actually makes them one of the lightest studio headphones on the market right now and making them ideal to wear on your ears when mastering, monitoring and mixing for long periods of time.

What We Like


The AKG K701 are definitely one of the most  comfortable studio headsets  due to the fact that they are come  on the 3-D formed padding and the adjustable leather headband that can accommodate different types of head sizes.

With the leather padding you can wear them for long periods of time without sweating and feeling sore.


This is the other great advantage that comes with this open back headphones and this due to the fact that they are built of quality plastic. This is durable since it can withstand a fall of up to 4-6 feet.

Pro tip; There are some manufactures that tend to add unnecessary weighs to their headphones so that they can pass as premium.

so it doesn’t no mean that AKG company compromised on quality with the plastic built rather they maximized on the sound quality while ensuring that they are light enough can be worn  for long comfortably.

Sound quality

Talking about sound quality, when you get to listen to music with these headphones you will definitely appreciate what it means to have premium headphones.

AKG Company is one of the first to utilize the flat-wire technology to give these headphones a superior sound quality.

The Vary motion technology and a 2 layered diaphragm that ensure that you get to enjoy that premium sound quality that is consistent.

Let the music come to live in your ears as you get to enjoy distinctive soundstage effect.

Expect to be amazed with the accuracy of the audio defined highs and lows and a powerful the bass response.

 No wonder they are a favorite studio headphones for sound technicians where accuracy is required during editing.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Isolation

These are generally indoor headphones to be use for home listening and just like any other open- back headphones they are particularly not the best when it comes to noise isolation.

These headphones are generally very comfortable and you may be tempted to carry them everywhere but the reality is that the AKG K701 were majorly built for the indoors.

This is made very clear with no carrying case included.

They are not the perfect headphones for travel either due to the fact that people around you will hear what you are listening to. This may lead to embarrassing moments and it will not shield you from outside disturbance either.


Overall, these are the perfect open-backed headphone for you if you are in search of quality and comfortable studio headphones.

The AKG K701 offer you quality sound features that give you that balanced mix  to listen to any type of music genre with precision and  powerful  bass response.

These downright are the most comfortable studio headphones on the market right now and thou they look like they have a slight hefty price, you cannot deny the fact they are worth the investment.

 This is because you get to enjoy revolutionary audio quality with a perfect fit that is going to last you a longtime.

Final words

We hope that you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful.

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