5 Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Listening to sounds during gaming should be fun and entertaining. Audiophile headphones for gaming also ensure smooth communication between gamers.

It can only get better if the headphones in use offer the best quality sound.

Although it may seem like any headphones can be used, with the best quality ones, the experience is enhanced and memorable.

One should not struggle to get the words or just enjoy the soothing gaming sounds. This is because there exist unique headphones whose quality is guaranteed.

If you can dance and respond to good sounds, then you must get them right.

I would like you to forget your past experiences with poor sounds. It is time you look forward to enjoying flawless gaming nights.

I want to introduce the best quality headphones I have used with my friends whenever we meet up for fun.

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

Factors to Consider when buying Audiophile Headphones for Gaming

best audiophile headphones for gaming

Here are some basic factors when buying headphones for your gaming sessions.

#1.Sound Quality

 Sound Quality is the ultimate measure of enjoyability and satisfaction. Although there is no universal quality of sound and is mostly per individual taste, good quality headphones give more accurate sounds. 

Most people like strong and deep bass whether in gaming or music. There is also a preference for smooth and zero vibration sounds.

The sound should also be more accurate and relatable to the activity. A listener must hear and feel their effect from the headphones they selected.


Headphones’ size is determined by their width and length in inches. The best size of headphones is those that fit well on the head while snuggly fitting on the concha of the ear. Every side should correspond to the earbud.

 They should also have the “L” and “R” indications for proper orientation. The headphone pads should also be close to the average size of the earpiece for better fitting.

#3.Form, Comfort, and Size

Headphone users are likely to have a single pair of headphones for hours every day. This creates the need for comfort and convenience. These three factors come into focus. There is also the issue of style for aesthetic and beauty purposes. No one wants to be in bad-looking headphones.

Wireless headphones come in three forms: over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear.

The on-ear headphones rest on top of the ears without fully enclosing them. This is different from the over-ear headphones which enclose the whole ear.

The over-ear headphones allow for better sound quality with louder and clear volumes and bass. They are however less comfortable than the on-ears. In-ears are small headphones that are inserted into the ear canal.

#4.Controls and pairing

Wired headphones have physical buttons along the wire to control volume, play, pause, and other adjustment functions.

This may be different in wireless headphones where the controls are on the earpieces. They may be protruding or purely touch. More modern ones can be controlled using voice or external apps on other devices.

The user must determine what works for them, either style, functionality, or both. This may be more dependent on the occupation of the user or where the headphones will be used. Headphones may be suitable in a class/library situation and not in the gym.

Connectivity to other devices is also a key factor to consider. Most Headphones are Bluetooth enabled while others have NFC functionality. There exist others with both or more functionality.

#4.Battery Life

This is most vital in wireless headphones. They have limited battery life and the period should be considered. The battery life should be as long as possible, up to several hours of continuous use per day.

This should also be viewed in terms of charging time. Headphones with longer charging times can be unreliable. Charging headphones while in use reduces comfort and portability.


After checking on all aspects of the Headphones, it is time to consider the price and affordability. Wireless premium headphones are more expensive than the other types.

The price of every piece is determined by other qualities like the quality of sound, design, noise cancellation, and even battery life.

The higher the qualities, the higher the price.  If looking for a simple but convenient pair of wireless headphones, then a cheaper pair is just fine.

Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming Reviews

1. Grado SR325e Headphones

best audiophile headphones  for gaming
  • Style: Open-Backed
  • Cable Length: 1.7m
  • Wireless: No
  • Noise-canceling: No
  • In-Line Remote and mic: No
  • Connector: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 358g3

 The Grado SR325es – The current sub $ 400 award-winning Audiophile Headphones are the new leaders on the block.

They are the most competitive devices and ready to stand the test of times. They bring a whole new experience to the gaming world and stand to offer quality and comfort.


The headphones are not the head-turners you can expect to get at a value of less than $300. They bring a sturdy and are solid build.

Describing the Grados as friendly is just an emphasis on the obvious. Their recognized flexibility and hardiness.

Their earcups rotate at an angle of 360 degrees with the construction remaining creak-free. The foam earpads do not hug but hang over the ears.

This keeps them airy and cool. The Grados do not feel loose-fitting thus good for those who prefer a tight grip.

The headband is easily adjusted and with a sliding mechanism. Without cushioning, the Grados feel considerable lightweight on the head.


The upgrade of the Grados is in the sound effect. It is more clear and heavier than the immediate SR325ises. They are more musical and easily burst into life, bringing out the song’s rhythmic energy. The sound is light: agile and with a flow, breezing through the ear cups without a hitch.


  • Tonal balance is impressive
  • The across frequencies are transparent
  • Impressive Expressive dynamics
  • They are Precise in Timing
  • They are fast and agile
  • They are rugged in their building


  • The mounting easily snaps

2. Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones

audiophile headphones for gaming
  • Style: Closed-backed
  • Cable Length: 3 m
  • Wireless: No
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • In-line remote and mic: No
  • Connector: 6.3mm
  • Weight: 360g

The HD 820 offers an unparalleled, reference-grade gaming experience. Fitted with glass reflectors and high-quality frequency absorber systems, they bring a wide-open trait of audiophile speakers.

 The transducers and Glass Reflectors offer total detail in the gaming sound effects. The Germans have used the best material in the making of the audiophile headphones.


The $ 2399 dynamic driver type headphones have closed-over head caps and an impedance of 300 Ohms. They have a sound pressure level of 103 Db at 1 kHz, 1V which is user-friendly and safe.

The jack plug has a length of 6.35mm/4.4mm, XLR-4 which is optional, and a cable length of 3m. At 360g, the headphones are bearable in weight.


The HD820s design and make are beyond reproach. The headphones are made by hand making them everyone’s dream headphones. They are the real value for money.

 The Audiophiles are made of synthetic leather on the outside while the interior is made of microfiber. The microfiber interior touches the face bringing about a soothing effect.

The pads provide a unique acoustic seal that makes one experience the full impact of the HD820s bass.

Weighing 360g/12.7oz, the headphones are considerably light. The cushy pads help distribute the weight of the headphones and good seal. This makes them more comfortable irrespective of the number of hours they are worn and in what manner, even in the wrong orientation.


  • They have an expansive soundstage
  • The headphones are extremely articulate with distortion-free sound
  • They have an exemplary build quality for every part.


  • The Mid-Centric sound feature may not be exciting
  • Although they are lightweight, they may create a pressure hot spot on top of the head

3. Beyerdynamic Amiron Headphones

Beyerdynamic Am irona
  • Style: open-backed
  • Cable length: 3.0m
  • Wireless: No
  • Noise-canceling: No
  • In-line remote and mic: No
  • Connector: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 340g

The acclaimed audiophile headphones have now been refined for a better gaming experience. The modifications aimed at ending and diminishing vibrations to the absolute possible minimum.

It has also eliminated the usually annoying treble resonances. The sound quality of these headphones will excite the most deserving gaming enthusiasts. They are the best accessory for any aspiring gamers.


 The Beyerdynamic Amiron are circumaural headphones offering optimum sound quality. (Qualcomm® aptX™ HD und AAC – plus aptX™ LL).

It also has MOSAIC sound personalization courtesy Beyerdynamic MIY app. It is designed with a touchpad for controls and a long-life battery running up to 30 hours.

 They are uniquely designed to provide wearing comfort.  The German-made Headphones weigh have a closed operating principle. 

They are designed to transmit via a Bluetooth wireless system giving extra portability comfort.  The nominal impedance headphones of 32 ohms with a frequency response of 5-40,000 Hz, the nominal sound pressure level of 100 Db.


Beyerdynamic’s Amiron may not create an instant positive impression but create an impressive performance and high resolution.

They offer a feeling of comfort as they have nicely-judged and fitted earpads. This is complemented by their sensible weight. 

Their output is dependent on the quality of the source and may not be the best to skimp. The headphones have an impressive sound quality that lifts the whole frequency range in its tempo and stride.

They are known for their clear midrange vocals, tight timing, and ability to handle challengingly messy gaming sounds. Their price is also friendly for their quality.


  • They have extremely nice bass detail
  • They are clear and organized
  • Their handles treble well
  • They have an insightful midrange
  • Their lightweight allows for long sessions wearing without fatigue


  • The wired version has a long cable, 3 meters long which is too long for on-the-go utilization.

4. Grado SR80e Headphones

Grado SR80e
  • Style Open-Backed
  • Cable Length: Standard
  • Wireless: No
  • Noise Cancelling: No
  • In-Line Remote and Mic: No
  • Connector: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 220g

They are Grado’s award-winning audiophile headphones with greater detail and sound clarity. The HiFi is lovely and easily makes one hooked to gaming, gives comfort in portability, and with the best battery life.

They are also lightweight giving an extra sense of comfort. The smooth sound gives a soothing effect to the ears. They come with a 1-year warranty.


Grado has a new polymer to damp resonant sound distortions placed in a plastic housing. They also have a new cable running from plug to driver connection. The movement of air and reaction to sound vibrations eliminates transient distortions.

This concept allows the signal to flow over the new cable leading to the production of improved tight control of the upper and lower range of frequency spectrum.

 It also supports the headphones midrange. The sound produced is pure Grado with harmonic colors. 

They have a hand-built in Brooklyn and a 4 conductor cable. The head caps are cushioned for extra comfort and facial touch.


During gaming, the perfectly proportioned soundstage offers the midrange one loves and the details one craves. The 4-conductor cable and the gold-plated mini-plugs produce a sparkle back to the gaming system.

The headphones have bass energy that rips into heavy sounds which are higher than its competitors.

The vocals are intoxicating with a natural feel and well organized and beautiful soundstage. Their weight is comfortable for long hour’s usage without creating pressure on the ears or top of the user’s head.


  • They have excellent weight for long hour’s usage
  • They exhibit an excellent treble and midrange
  • They produce a lively and natural sound
  • They produce a tight bass
  • They are quite affordable


  • They do not offer relaxing sounds

5. Focal Stellia Headphones

Focal Stellia
  • Type: Circum-aural closed back
  • Carry case: Yes
  • Impedance: 35Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 106Db
  • Frequency: 5Hz-40kHz
  • Weight: 435g

The Focal Stellia gives you the tiny detail of every sound effect at both high and low frequencies. This they do without compromising any tonal balance.

The style has been sustained despite the development of optimal acoustics and aesthetics. The audiophile headphones are beyond technology, they are more about style and class.


Stellia are designed as closed back and their impedance is reduced to 35Ohms. They are portable and user-friendly.

The Focal lives to the high standards of the headphones. They are covered in full-grain leather with thick memory cushions that clamp the head.

They are also composed of aluminum yokes, woven cables, and contoured outer hard case that gives them a look of class and quality.

They have awesome leather paperwork which acts as a passport holder. They come in a single color, brown also referred to as cognac and mocha. They have a physical frame similar to the preceding Focal Utopia, Elear, and Clear.

Their outstanding feature is the striking exterior made of perforated metal atop and extra leather layer. It is the true symbol of French ornamentalism. Their weight, though extra, is well balanced and distributed for comfort and easy on long-hour usage.


The Stellias have a traditionally powerful bass. They are agile and authoritative with it. They have seamless and well-integrated sounds made with the intent to impress. They have adapted a single driver unit of ranging frequencies between 5Hz40 kHz.

 In terms of tone, they are nicely balanced but not neutral. This makes them unfriendly with poorly recorded voices. It can however be used with variable quality of sound files.

Their weight and battery life are considerably good allowing for long hour usage and portability away from the desk. Their packaging brings about a great sense of class and value for money.


  • They are classy and of high standards
  • They are of fine refinement, insight, and bass
  • Great build quality and standard
  • Extra comfortable


  • They are heavy and can cause discomfort after long hour’s usage

Wrapping Up

Having a look at the above descriptions of different gaming audiophile headphones, gaming should be more enjoyable and a new experience every time. Gaming with friends should a memory worth every minute. The sound effects should make every member of the gang wish for more and much better.

This is not possible without the right audiophile headphones to boot, from the sound quality, weight, comfort, portability, and price.

My advice is that you get the right audiophile headphones for your gaming experience because, at the end of the day, gaming is part of your life.

 I would advise you to get a pair that will make you look classy, organized, comfortable, and free, not that which will keep you tied to your working desk.

Above the general qualities for Audiophile Headphones, the pieces described above give you extra pleasure and experience every moment.

The best audiophile headphones equal the best gaming experience. Use comfortable audiophile gaming headphones and enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest.

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