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5 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Hey, you have to agree with me that;

Truck driving is a tough job!

That is why a bluetooth headset for truckers with great connectivity comes very in handy.

Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Imaging as a truck driver, you have to cover long distances with heavy truckloads, not to mention that you need to stay awake always and keep your eyes wide open and be alert for those careless drivers on the road.

The reality that the weather is always ever-changing and you need to be well informed about what is to happening on the road ahead.

laws and regulations are preventing you from using your phone while driving. 

The only thing that can keep you sane and lighten up your mood is to be able to listen to some great music, talk to your loved ones and be in communication with the boss at all times while still keeping safety first!

If you are a trucker and are considering buying a Bluetooth headset, then this article is for you.

Thanks to modern technology there are now quality Bluetooth headsets that can do the job, save you money, and even your life.

But for now, let us look at a rundown of the editor’s top pick of the best Bluetooth headset for truckers.

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Editor’s Choice

Bluetooth Headset for Truckers
Best Overall

1.VXi BlueParrot B450 XT

“It features unbeatable sound quality, noise-canceling technology, 300 feet range connectivity, voice control, and can operate over 24 hours on a single charge.”

Plantronics voyager legend
Best Runner Up

2.Plantronics voyager legend

This is a really solid Bluetooth headset that sits at a nice price point .

This gives you great call clarity with tons of convenience perks like sensor functionality, a degree of moisture resistance and even voice assistance integration.

Bluetooth Headset for Truckers
Best Value

3.BlueParrot B250-XT 

This is an elegant and straightforward device and it comes packed with some necessary features for a trucker.

Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers
Best Budget

4.ICOMTOFIT wirelessBluetooth Headset 4.1

It comes with all the qualities that a Bluetooth headset for truckers should have.

A secure fast connection for hands-free calls, advanced noise cancellation microphone, long battery life, and natural sound quality with multiple device compatibility.

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Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

5.Mpow Pro Trucker 

It is remarkably lightweight, comes with an adjustable microphone, noise cancellation technology, and the sound quality is amazingly good given the price point.

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Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

1. VXi BlueParrot B450 XT – Best Overall

The BlueParrot B450-XT is a bluetooth headset for truckers designed for use in noise heavy environments including those commonly found in commercial trucking since it has the best noise-canceling microphone on the market.

The improved battery life of over 24 hours talk time makes it all worth it.


  • High-end microphone 
  • Extremely long battery life
  • High-definition audio quality 
  • Paired with multiple devices  
  • The function button is customizable 
  • Impressive noise-canceling technology


  • Mediocre app
  • Suffers from occasional freezing 
Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

BlueParrott is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to Bluetooth headsets for truckers. Its B450-XT is one of the most advanced headsets for truckers on the market right now.

With this headset, you get noise cancellation and voice control for hand-free calls, in short, the B450-XT delivers everything you need on a hands-free headset.

The features included in this headset also make listening to music and podcasts when you are on the road more enjoyable.


The B450-XT comes with impressive features such as voice control, NFC enabled functionality, A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) support, and amazing sound quality.

The A2DP technology allows accurate and high-quality audio to be transferred from your device into the headset so that when you are listening to music there is a high definition voice on the microphone.

The B450-XT comes with impressive noise-canceling technology that can block up to 96% of ambient noise.

It also comes with ample 300-foot range connectivity. This ensures that you stay connected to your Bluetooth devices all the time and gives you plenty of freedom to get out of your truck and stretch your legs without losing your connection.

One of the best features that you find on this BlueParrot headset is the Parrot Button which can be programmed to do several things through your Smartphone.

With the use of the VoiceControlTM feature, you can allow hands-free operation, which means that you can keep your hand on the wheels and control the device at the same time.

 The button can also be configured to become a speed dial, to set up a push to talk button, or even have it launch an application from your phone. 

It is also great at filtering random sounds.

In short, the parrot button can be used to customize your headset according to your style of operation and for your personal needs on the road. 

This Bluetooth headset is a heavy-duty unit with a huge amount of battery power that can allow for 24 hours use on talking and enabling days or weeks to by without charging.

This is one of the best headsets to use when going to remote areas or extended road trips considering the Battery life alone. It charges via standard micro-USB on any charging station. 

To maximize control and use of this headset you need to download the app called BlueParrot Push. This will allow you to customize the multi-function button and turn the headset on into a walkie-talkie and use voice calls memo.

The VXi BlueParrot B450-XT can be paired with a custom software suite on Android and iOS for further control and customization as well as HD voice optimization. It does support voice assistants like Cortana and Siri.

Design and Comfort

The build quality is exceptional with the headset having a thick band that feels robust and durable.

It comes with a couple of choices when it comes to ear cushions and you get to choose between leather or foam ear cushions.

BlueParrot made the earpad larger and more comfortable as well as added a padded headband.

The type of leather foam cushions used is designed to hold up under heavy use for a long time and even though the headband is large it is lightweight and comfortable.

The unique foam on the earpiece cancels out the rumble of your truck allowing you to listen to your music with clarity which also makes it easier to listen to the person on the other end of the phone.

The super-soft sheepskin material which covers the foam reduces friction and is comfortable to wear for hours at a time even with sensitive ears.

Overall this headband is sturdy and a favorite for most truckers.

What we like

  • Comfortable earcups 
  • Can talk to the phone while charging 
  • Long battery life, 10 hours of live call time 
  • Re-charging while talking on phones 
  • Improved volume compared to past modules
  • Comfortable to wear even though it is heavy 
  • There is a choice between leather or foam earpieces 
  • Great Microphone and impressive Noise reduction technology
  • Integrated app, voice control option and customizable function button
  • Can Pair with 2 devices at the same time and it auto answers whichever device rings first 

What we don’t like 

  • A bit on the expensive side 
  • Voice memo app is not that great
  • Large headset and headband for those who don’t like large earcups and headband.
  • The over-ear design is cumbersome and can become uncomfortable if used for an extended period.

Key Specifications 

  • NFC pairing 
  • Weighs 5.22 oz 
  • Overhead design
  • 24 hour talk time
  • Micro-USB charging interface 
  • Up to 300 feet range connectivity 
  • 500 hours (20 days ) standby time 
  • 6 mm bi-directional noise-canceling microphone

What is the Bottom-line?

The BlueParrot B450-XT is the best Bluetooth headset for truckers drivers, and those who need to talk for long periods on calls. The microphone has excellent multi-level noise cancellation calibrated to match the human voice.

This headset is perfectly designed for a trucker who drives a rig for hours on end, simply because you will not need to charge it for a couple of days.

2. Plantronics Voyager legend – Best Runner-up

If you want a mid-priced Bluetooth headset for truckers that can handle your day-to-day calls, with comfort and clarity then the voyager legend should fit the bill, with tons of convenience and voice clarity then the Plantronics Voyager Legend is a great option.


  • Intuitive controls 
  • Good battery life 
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-end audio quality 
  • Voice command menu


  • Higher price tag 
  • Lack of sound depth
  • Bulky awkward design 
Plantronics voyager legend

Plantronics are very popular for their top quality Bluetooth headsets for truckers because they come with unique call audio quality and their comfortable fit stand out. 

Voyager legend is the first truly intelligent Bluetooth headset. This is the modified version of an already award-winning headphone.

It is the latest wireless headset from Plantronics and promises good battery backup in a convenient design. The Plantronics voyager legend is truly one of the few boom headsets in the market.

 The microphone is effective in isolating surrounding sound and the unit is lightweight and can be comfortably be worn for an extended period. 

It was perfectly designed for use with a Smartphone and PC, primarily for VOIP calls and is compatible with iPhone, Android, and other leading Smartphones.

Best Features

The most distinguishing feature is its comfortable earpiece and its new sensors.

It comes with Smart sensor technology that senses when the headset is being worn so it can automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear or direct audio to your phone when you set down your headset.

There are dual capacity sensors around the ear that detect whether the headset in on your ear or off. 

This tells your phone whether an incoming call should be routed on your headset or to the phone without pressing any buttons. There is also the customization ability and voice command menu.

The voice command menu manages calls hand-free without pressing any buttons through Plantronics voice recognition technology where you can just say answer or ignore.

The sound quality and noise cancellation are also great. The voice cancellation technology allows for the microphone to cancel background noise and wind and can separate your voice from 80 dB of background noise.

The addition of another microphone has further improved the voice quality so that when you make a call you will be able to listen to the sound. 

There is Bluetooth 3.0 onboard including A2DP, AVCP, HFP, and HSP headset protocols, which means that you will get about 33 feet of range and plenty of compatibility with most phones.

The battery life is solid and reliable. Plantronics puts the battery life at about 7 hours of talk time and 11 days of standby time and it 

just takes 90 minutes to a full charge.

 The Smart call routing intuitively directs calls to your phone or headset, pauses music for incoming calls, and allows you to automatically answer by simply placing the headset on your ear.

It has multipoint technology which enables one to stay connected to two phones and answer calls from either one. 

Multi-microphones optimize your voice and minimize noise caused by wind, movement, and background sounds.

Tap the voice button to check battery level, connection status, or dial vocalist to hear emails, a news feed, and more.

A magnetic connector has also been added to this headset that makes it quite impressive and the headset is also water-resistant so no fear of getting your headset wet.

P2i nano-coating technology will protect this Bluetooth headset from rain, sweat, and coffee spills so you can wear the headset in the office or at the gym comfortably.

Design and Comfort

The look of most of the Plantronics Bluetooth headset is largely the same. The voyager legend has the signature Platronics design. The design is somewhat international and puts a lot of components behind your ears and out of sight.

It comes with a sleek look that is mostly black design and a silver perforated grill along with the boom and a microphone coming from a cylindrical driver housing.

 Despite the plastic build, the headset itself feels very premium and well built. The construction is very solid. The whole unit is encased in a soft, matte rubber surfacing which makes it both pleasant on the ear and also flexible.

The placement of the controls is intuitive, wherein you can easily reach them while you are driving.

The boom does swivel to fold up alongside the over-ear component leaving a smaller footprint both when storing and wearing the headset.

On the outer face of the loop are the power and volume keys along with the proprietary charging port.

The call connects key is closest to the ear end of the boom arm and being the only key there, picking up calls is a swift activity.

The voice command activation key sits along the length of the boom microphone arm and you will not miss it most of the time.

A standard gel ear tip comes attached to the voyager legend but Plantronics also bundles larger and smaller versions along with two foam ear-bud covers.

It is convenient to swap between the ear tips, press down and twist left to unscrew the existing top. 

Audio Performance 

Where this headset shines is the microphone quality. There is a three-microphone array that aims to pick up sound and cancel noise from a variety of angles.

There is an internal DSP that suppresses noise coming through the microphone to ensure a good level of crispiness when you are speaking and paired with a 20-band equalizer that adapts to the environment, the voice quality is impressive. 

They have even included something called “sidetone detection “that aims at pinpointing and suppress acoustic reverberations on your space.

They have also built a mesh wind-guarding newt underneath the microphone grill that actually servers a windscreen helping to reduce wind clipping. 

What we like 

  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Charging case is a real value add
  • Intuitive controls and customizable settings 
  • Comfortable to wear for an extended period 
  • There is Noise filtering for best voice clarity and excellent call quality  
  • Convenient battery meter shows remaining battery life and it gives a fairly solid battery life 

What we don’t like 

  • Not fashionable
  • An audio seal is not tight 
  • Occasionally the Bluetooth dropout reposted by some customers 
  • The ear tip is made of clear silicone, but it’s a little bit more rigid than the silicone you will typically find in sporty earbuds. 
  • it looks a bit oversized and bulky but the features are pretty great, the battery life is not suitable for truckers who travel for days.

What is the Bottom-line?

Plantronics voyager legend is a bluetooth headset for truckers that we can count on when it comes to comfort and audio quality and phone calls quality.

It is a moderately priced Bluetooth headset for truckers that gives a solid performance. When Plantronics developed this Bluetooth headset they did so with convenience and connectivity in mind.

3. VXI BlueParrot B250-XT – Best Value

The BlueParrot B250-XT bluetooth headset for truckers is the perfect audio device for people who are always on the road. If you are looking to make calls and have them heard with the same clarity you get from a landline, then this headset is for you.


  • Easy to use 
  • Top-quality for the price 
  • Durable and comfortable 


  • Rare instances of direct units 
  • The parrot button is not present 
Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

The BlueParrot B250-XT is a lightweight alternative to the B450 and features a narrower headband that most people will find less encumbering to wear.

This headset has great features and is one of the most used by truckers. 

It comes with all essential features necessary to deliver remarkable sound quality for calls and music and also works well even in the noisiest environments with an impressive 91% noise cancellation.

Two additional differences to note are the included USB charging cable, as well as a replacement ear cushion and microphone windscreen.

It has a huge number of happy customers who have left great reviews and comes at a perfectly reasonable price and what you get is top quality.

Best features 

Noise Cancellation; The distinctive feature of this gadget is noise cancellation, it will provide sufficient noise canceling to keep your sound crystal clear and thus improving the nature of your call.

You can silence the sound of your surroundings to ensure you get a crisp and adequate sound and the overall sound quality is also good as it uses wideband audio and voice cancellation.

It uses extreme noise suppression technology to eliminate background noise and other distracting noises.

Bluetooth connection; The 66-foot range of this device is comparably weaker to the 300-foot range of the B450-Xt.

Multi-functions; It is easy to use with multi-function button controls to pair devices, manage calls and turn on and off buttons

It enables you to power on/off the device, calls and answer calls, and pair Bluetooth devices.

 You can do Multi-connection up to two devices and Stream many types of multimedia including music, GPS directions, and more.

You can stream your multimedia such as much and GPS directions in up to two devices at the same time. You can connect it with two mobile phones or phones and PC

Maintain a simultaneous connection offers more flexibility.

 Battery life; The B250XTs use a 300mAH battery that delivers up to 20 hours of talk time. It has a standby time of 490 hours which is pretty impressive and close to B450-XT so you can use it a whole day without having to charge it.

You will be able to charge from any device with a USB port keeping your headset online and you get to experience more talk time per charge that is needed for long road trips. 

The USB charging cable is provided which is quite convenient.

In the box, it includes a foam ear cushion, a quick start manual, and spare microphone windscreen plus a warranty and a warning leaflet. 

The thing is that this headset does not support A2DP which means you cannot connect to music players, GPS, or other Bluetooth functions beyond making calls.

 The B250-XT headset offers 128-bit encryption that is secure enough to take massive computation and thousands of years to be cracked. 

The encryption is unbreakable so you do not have to worry about other third parties listening in on your conversations. 

 It also uses bi-directional electrets with microphone cover to eliminate breathing or breathy sounds.

Microphone cover also removes unwanted noises typically picked up uncovered microphones, it prevents the audio device from picking up the sound of air across the microphone. 

 It supports the BlueParrot App allowing you to get the most out of your headset.

The app offers a wide range of productivity boost features including the integrated push to talk network an application that allows conversations with one person, a group or even all contacts for free

It also enables you to customize the Parrot Button TM for fast access.

 You can also get your text read to you through the headphone so that you can keep your eyes on the road. 

Design and Comfort

The BlueParrort B250-XTs has a sturdy design that can withstand life on the road.

It looks sleek and elegant and also has an over-the-head wearing style that helps block out noise and let you hear well.

It features a stainless steel adjustable headband that is customizable, durable and silicone rubber for long-lasting wear.

Designed to all-day wear, the Blueparrort trucking headset uses TPU for breathability, high tensile, and aging resistance. 

The manufacturers have made construction materials better with high-grade materials.

Overall this headset is very comfortable and handy to use and weighs only 2.52 oz which is very lightweight providing you will all-day comfort.

The microphone of the B250-Xt is a gooseneck boo that stays in once and does not have the occasional shift from the position you might experience from one of the other headsets.

 Attached to the headset is concave ear cushion as a second option, a replacement ear cushions, and a microphone windscreen is available with it.

What we like 

  • 20 hours talk battery charge 
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day or all night 
  • Up to 91% surrounding noise is limited by the noise-canceling microphone 

What we don’t like 

  • It also does not support NFC pairing and voice control
  • The B250-XT does not support A2DP meaning that you cannot enjoy a few functions beyond making calls 

What is the Bottom-line?

If you are a trucker or wireless lover who needs a device for just calls the B250-Xt bluetooth headsets for truckers is the right gadget for you.

By far the best feature of this headset is the noise-canceling microphone. If you want the other person on the line to hear you over the noises on the road, then this will do the job.

4. ICOMTOFIT wireless Bluetooth – Best Sound Quality headset

The ICOMTOFIT bluetooth headsets for truckers is designed to fit in either ear. It makes use of a boom microphone that can easily move out of your way and cancel a call.

It also makes use of CVC 6.0 technology to ensure that you can hear well regardless of the environment you find yourself in.


  • Sleek design 
  • Fast charging 
  • Comfortable fit
  • Noise suppression 
  • Excellent battery life
  • Multiple control options


  • Middling sound quality
  • Not for those who don’t like earbuds
wiresless Bluetooth Headset
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The ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headphone for truckers is a sleek wireless earpiece with a shiny grey finish look that is aesthetically pleasing along with high performance.

These headphones are not built around full over-ear headphones but instead, they can rotate with an in earbud attached to a microphone and comes with a few buttons built in to control the connected device. 

 The beauty is that as it can connect to a huge range of devices from phones and tablets to laptops, desktops, and TVs.


Bluetooth connectivity 

It features Bluetooth 4.1 technology that is compatible with multiple devices and can be paired swiftly with stable connectivity for long hours.

 The Bluetooth connection has a wide range of up to 33 feet and can be paired with more than one device at a single time.

If you own two gadgets you can use both of them for calls and music, you can just use one on this Bluetooth headset.

The Bluetooth connectivity provides a truly hands-free experience which only proves that the connection is stable and robust as you can use it while you are driving your truck. 

This Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides fast and stable pairing with any iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players.

Hands-free for calling

This Bluetooth headset seamlessly supports Siri and Google voice assistants with buttons that are easy to reach which lets you enjoy real hands-free calls.

 You can easily mute with the touch of a button voice alerts battery level, connection status, and it even announces the phone number of the caller except for the caller’s name.

The button location is intuitive and the buttons for volume, power, or mute function are separate from each other which makes it easier for you to control and find them.

Noise cancellation 

The ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset comes with inbuilt HD microphones along with CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology that blocks out any nuisance or disturbing sounds around you.

The advanced CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology blocks out disruptive background noise like wind traffic or crowds, offers crystal clear audio and natural sound allowing you to enjoy high-quality music and clear phone calls.

Great battery life 

It offers long battery life with fast charging, you only have to witless than an hour for it to fully charge.

With this headset, you can enjoy 10 hours of talk time and more than 8 hours of music listening and up to 7.5 days of standby mode. 

 It also has voice alerts to announce incoming calls and battery levels. The buttons are easy to reach and use and it is great for voice calls as well as for enjoying some music during long commutes.

Design and Comfort

They are also extremely comfortable and conveniently designed to fit either ear. The retractable ear hook and flip boom arm swivels and rotates for a secure fit.

 These are comfortable enough to be worn for hours at a time which makes them great Bluetooth headsets for truckers.

The ICOMTOFIT headset is very lightweight only weighs 0.5 ounces which makes it ideal to wear even for long hours of driving.

 The ultimate comfort ear get are available in 3 different sizes to provide a snug and secure tailored fit ear gels in three sizes to ensure a snug fit.  A unique high-end carrying case protects the headset from damage and getting lost.     

What we like 

  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable and easy to use design 
  • Syncs to two devices at once with available voice commands
  • Earpiece and microphone combo with high-quality noise cancellation technology 
  • Includes 30-day money-back guarantee backed by a 12-month warranty 
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity and Supports voice control voice assistants like Google Now and Siri.

What we don’t like 

Bad at canceling heavy traffic 

What is the Bottom-line?

The ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth headset provides natural sounding audio quality and a design that is comfortable to wear for long hours.

The headset features noise suppression and is carried around with a compact and portable design. It is easy to control the device with either voice commands or the buttons. 

It has got an impressive battery life that can handle at least a day of sustained use. The Bluetooth pairs fast and provide a truly hands-free experience.

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5. MPOW Pro Truckers – Cheapest choice

MPow has managed to give you such a solid headset for the price. It is lightweight and has a noise-reducing microphone perfect for blocking out the unwanted sound of the road.

If you have been looking to make hands-free calls on a budget then the Mpow Pro Trucker is one of the most popular starting out products of its kind.


  • Great value 
  • Crisp call quality 
  • Decent Battery life
  • lightweight in construction 
  • Powerful noise cancellation 


  • Short battery life
  • Can’t listen to voice mails 
  • Outdated Bluetooth 4.1 technology
Mpow Pro Trucker
Check Price on Amazon

The Mpow Pro Trucker is one of the best selling and best rated commercial grade headsets on the market today. It is considered to be used for everything from call centers to commercial trucking. 

Now does well to equip their Bluetooth headsets with the latest inexpensive digital wizardry to add on performance while still saving on costs.

This particular Mpow headset model shines in the noise reduction department with excellent call quality.

This Bluetooth headset is a brilliant option for truck drivers looking for their first wireless headset and is the cheapest of the Bluetooth headset for truckers that we have reviewed.


Noise-canceling; One of the Mpow Pro Trucker’s most impressive features is its ability to block out ambient noise. The headset automatically cancels external noises selectively piping through the sound of your voice. 

The Mpow uses a 4X noise cancellation system built into the microphone to isolate. The person on the other end of the line is often unaware that you are standing next to an engine ticking over or have the window down while driving. 

Bluetooth Headset; The Mpow headset allows for hands-free calling, this is because the headset is Bluetooth enabled.

 The beauty is that after you have paired these Bluetooth headsets they can stay connected with the phone within 33ft, making it possible to be on a call with hands-free to do other things.

It also includes voice commands, so now you will be able to ask Siri/ Cortana to make calls for you or to hang up or answer with one button command. 

The Mpow is perfect for making wireless phone calls, video calls, skype conferences, and more. With the microphone being adjustable, this is as simple as rotating it to the proper angle where it will pick your voices loud and clear.

Pairs with two Bluetooth devices at once; The Mpow is geared for calls and can pair with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. 

The person on the other line of your call will have no problem hearing you and apart from phones its compatible with tablets, laptops, Bluetooth enabled computers, and more.

Rechargeable battery; With a maximum 12 hours talk time and 160 hours of standby, this headset may not last quite as long as the BlueParrot products.

 You also get a 2 hour charge time with a low battery reminder that ensures that you won’t cut off in the middle of a conversation.

Something to note is that this headset designed specifically for calling and doesn’t support music listening.

This device is comfortable to wear because of the memory foam used even if you have to drive 8 to 12 hours per day.

Design and Comfort

The Mpow Pro leans more on the functionality than beauty when it comes to appearance. It is available in purple and pure black and looks the same as the standard headsets in the market.

Made to be worn day-in and day-out, this headset utilizes a lightweight design so that you will be able to wear this headset and learn to forget it’s there.

It also uses a breathable circular ear design that you will not have to worry about becoming sweaty or uncomfortable from wearing your headset for hours.

It is built of mostly soft-touch plastic with a metal stretchable headband and padded earmuff, much like old school headbands.

The metal band is very strong and the notched mechanism allows you to adjust the size of the headband.

It is not sweat-resistant and with a weight of 1.48 oz, this lightweight headset causes no pain to your head enabling you to keep a clear mind while talking. 

 Although it made from a metal headband and plastic the construction of the Mpow Pro is durable. It has sturdy quality built for long-term use. 

The pivoting boom microphone also seems pretty firm and not super prone to wearing out over many swivels. 

The microphone on this Mpow headset doesn’t include the foam windscreen you see on many devices but the windscreen effect has been implemented into the calibration of the microphone.

The Mpow ensures flexibility in this design as you can rotate the incorporated microphone to a maximum of 300 degrees. 

What we like 

  • Inexpensive with a decent battery life 
  • It supports Bluetooth range up to 33 ft 
  • Makes use of comfortable memory foam
  • Works great on calls and has a clear sound quality 
  • Supports noise cancellation and has a noise reduction feature 
  • It is Lightweight with a Decent build quality that looks durable 

What we don’t like 

  • Bland design
  • Short battery life 
  • Dated Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Not suitable for listening to music 

What is the Bottom-line?

For a great price, you will get a headset built from durable plastics, a noise-canceling microphone, and a 33-foot Bluetooth range.

 The sound is fantastically clear on both ends; everyone’s voice will come out clear through without road noise getting in the way.

This headset is for truckers who need to take the occasional hands-free call while driving and want to pay as little as possible. If you are looking for a cheap Bluetooth headset or you want to but a few to outfit a team at your business, the Mpow Pro Trucker is a great choice. 

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Things You Need To Consider When Buying Bluetooth Headset for Truckers 

Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

The main reason that truckers go for Bluetooth headsets is the convenience of hands-free operations. 

Nowadays Bluetooth headset is a necessity for any professional driver.

Federal motor carrier safety administration regulation prohibits texting and handheld mobile phone use while operating a commercial motor vehicle used in interstate commerce.

Let us look at some of the things that you need to consider when you are choosing the best Bluetooth headset.

1. Sound quality 

The sound quality is something that you need to consider when you are choosing the perfect Bluetooth headset since a headset with good sound quality is a major plus.

As you are driving you to want to listen to good music to lift your moods and to also take quality phone calls. A good sound quality headset allows you to have clear audio even when calling.

What you have to have in mind here is that Bluetooth headsets that come with ambient noise- cancellation technology have significantly enhanced the audio quality during calls.

2. Comfort level 

A trucker’s entire day in itself is tiresome so you would not want to add on top of it more pressure on your ears.

 A good pair of comfortable Bluetooth headset ensures truckers can keep their concentration solely on the road which in turn reduces the chances of making any mistakes or accidents.

 A comfortable headset is one that has soft earpads and is lightweight enough with and can be adjusted to just fit right.

The best Bluetooth headphones are adjustable so that you can wear them comfortably for a long time and have good padding around the ears which should conform to the size of your head.

When choosing a Bluetooth headset you should ensure that it does not place too much pressure on your ears. The last thing that you will want to do is to keep re-adjusting the headsets when you are diving so ensure that they fit well. 

The controls on the earcups also need to be in convenient locations making it easy to quickly adjust settings on the move. 

Overall weight is also important when it comes to comfort because heavy headsets will quickly become uncomfortable on your head.

3. Built Quality 

You will be using your headset day-in and day out so they might get damaged easily due to frequent usage.

So choosing a headset that has quality built and durability is key because it will serve you and also save you money in the long run. Waterproof headsets are also a plus since you can step outside regardless of some rain showers when you want to check on the tires or grab a snack.

4. Noise cancellation microphone 

Noise cancellation technology will block out ambient noise which is important when you are having phone a conversation. 

Here we want to look for Bluetooth headsets that will cancel as much unwanted sound as much as possible.

Bluetooth headsets that have noise-canceling capabilities tend to enhance the audio quality especially when there are traffic and noises all around.

The other thing you also have to keep in mind is that a headset with a good microphone is a plus as it will make you have better calls and ensures proper communication.

The microphone needs to be excellent so that you can enjoy crystal clear calls while driving because a poor mic quality will create a situation where you will constantly need to repeat yourself which in turn may distract you from the road.

5. Easy hand-free operations 

This is especially important for truck drivers to consider, the ease of use when it comes to hands-free operation. The control buttons should be at your fingertips and easy to adjust settings.

The other thing is that you can also get headsets that have voice command capabilities that eliminate the need to remove one of your hands from the steering wheel altogether.

 “Voice controls might sound interesting but shouting at Siri for some simple commands sometimes might seem a bit weird where you can just push a button.”

6. Battery life 

This is a very important aspect when selecting the best wireless headsets because you need to choose headphones that can be used for a long time without having to worry about charging.

They should be compatible and useful for long-distance traveling so that you can stay connected at all times without having to stop for a charger.

During a long route, long battery life is a must since gas stations or convenience stores may be far away in the remote areas and you cannot keep stopping now and then to recharge your headsets.

Look for Bluetooth headsets that offer up to 6 hours of talk time because these can go for the whole day without needing to be charged. 

You will also need to check on a long standby time that enables the headset to hold battery life for days without being used.

The charging method is also important; USB-charging is the best as far as we are concerned because if you are going wireless then you don’t need so many wires around. It gives you more convenience and less clutter in the car.

7. Connectivity 

You should carefully evaluate the wireless connectivity to figure out it matches your needs.

Your headsets need to have a good connectivity range so that if you step out of your truck to get a snack you don’t have to worry about your headset being disconnected.

The Bluetooth headset you choose should have a proper connectivity range so that the audio does not distort and you can still answer calls even if the phone is far away from the headset.

The Bluetooth connection also needs to be fast, using an NFC-Near field connection allows for an easy connection for both speed and distance 

The Bluetooth version determines the connection range and audio consistency. A Bluetooth version of at least 4.0 means that you will achieve excellent audio quality within 33 feet of the audio source.

8. Warranty 

Look at the length of the warranty deal and damage types covered. A multi-year warranty is good because you are driving all year long. 

A long warranty deal with plenty of protection indicates the brand has a lot of trust in their headset.

Buy one from a manufacture with a solid and easy to contact customer support service which will come in handy in case your headset breaks down 

Research brands you have never bought before to find out about their customer service and signature features that add value to the purchase.

9. Extra features 

  • Apps allow you to control the audio experience by managing Bluetooth connections and executing battery maintenance. 
  • NFC pairing looks for compatible headsets that allow you to instantly set up connections with other compatible devices. 
  • Carrying case can be used to store the headset accessories when not in use 

Wrapping up!

If you made it this far clap for yourself my dear, I know the review was long but I tried my best to give you all that you need to make the best choice.

If you enjoyed and found this article helpful if you have any comments or suggestions feel leave me them down below.

Have an awesome day!

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