Top 10 Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones 2022

This is a comprehensive list of the Best Surround Sound Headphones on the market right now!

If you have been on the hunt for a pair of surround sound headphones to use for gaming purposes or for watching movies, then you have come to the right place.

For those in a hurry, let us look at a rundown of the Top 10 Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones.

Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones

  1. Best Overall; HyperX Cloud II Wireless
  2. Best ESport Gaming Headset; Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless 
  3. Best for Hard-core Audiophiles Gamers; Steel Series Arctic Pro
  4. Rich-Sounding Wireless;  SteelSeries Arctic 7 Wireless
  5. Best Wired Gaming Headset; Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX
  6. Most Durable;  Corsair HS60 PRO Surround
  7. Best Wireless;  Logitech G PRO X wireless
  8. Best Splurge;  Corsair Virtuoso SE RGB Wireless
  9. Best Budget & Home Theater;  Corsair Void Pro RGB
  10. Best Budget Wireless;  Logitech G933 Artemis 

Editor’s Choice

Best Surround Sound headphone
Best Overall

1.HyperX Cloud II Wireless

7.1 Surround Sound headphone that offers you Cloud-like comfort, Quality built and Brilliant audio performance. All, at a reasonable Price!

Making it a solid candidate for Gamers looking to upgrade their PC or PS4 audio experiences.

This is by far one of the Best Wireless Gaming Headsets on the market right now.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
Best Runner Up
Best ESport Gaming Headset

2.Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

This 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphone is very comfortable and you get a lot of customization options in the Razer Synapse software. 

This isn’t a cheap headset, but it is designed for Esport players including several premium features alongside excellent build quality for the price.

SteelSeries Arctic Pro
Best Value
Best for Hard-core Audiophiles Gamers

3.Steel Series Arctic Pro  

This is a Wireless Surround Sound Headphone that features impressive hardware with customizable sound quality.

They are durably built with a versatile connection when it comes to wireless headphones.

SteelSeries Arctic 7
Affordable Premium Sound
Rich-Sounding Wireless

4.SteelSeries Arctic 7 Wireless 

These offer amazing sound quality with a long-lasting battery and the convenience of having a wireless headset.

Best Wired Gaming Headset

5.Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX

The Razer Kraken Tournament edition combines clever design, stellar audio, a great microphone, and a comfortable fit.

It delivers strong bass performance and capable THX simulated surround sound.

If you are someone who loves gaming then you can definitely appreciate a good pair of Surround sound headphones that allow you to hear the enemy gunshots from all directions and also the exact location.

This clarity in sound is also great for the Movie lovers’.

The best part;

At the end of the article, I’ll show you in detail, what are the most important specifications you need to look out for when choosing Surround Sound Headphones that will best suit your particular needs.

Thanks to technology advancement, these days you can get a decent pair of Surround sound headphones that offer great sound quality, reliable microphone, and comfortable design at an affordable price.

Factors to Consider When Buying Surround Sound Headphones

Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones Reviews

Best Surround Sound headphone

1. HyperX Cloud II Wireless 

Best Overall Gaming Headset 

The HyperX Cloud II wireless doesn’t reinvent the wheel but retains what its predecessors did successfully.

It’s exceptional comfort, solid audio performance, now making it all wireless.

This 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphone is well built and comfortable enough for long gaming sessions.

It is a booming treat for the ears with its satisfyingly deep sound profile and accurate audio.

This surround sound headphone is brilliant for intense, action-packed gaming and it can even hold its own when listening to bass-heavy tunes.

If you prize comfort and audio quality over-complicated sound settings, then the Hyper Cloud II is you’re Jam.


The HyperX Cloud II Wireless comes with a great build quality and features that are sleek and equal parts sturdy and stylish. 

In the design you get a black frame with red accents on the hinges, Stitched leatherette encasing on the headband, while the cups are covered in plush memory foam and brand log on each ear cup.

HyperX prides itself with legendary comfort, with its headsets boasting memory foam padding covered in a leatherette material, which combines with an optimal clamping force and even weight distribution. 

The HyperX Cloud II wireless headset has large oval earcups that can easily fit over relatively small ears.

Great comfort comes in handy for those longer playing sessions and they also do come with a clear detachable boom microphone.

Their hinges and yokes are made of aluminum, which makes them feel durable. The ear cups also feel dense and should survive a couple of accidental drops without taking too much damage.

 In short, this is a Sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight for a great 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. 


Thanks to their wireless dongle, they have very low latency which you will find perfect for intense gameplay.

These gaming headsets weigh 10.5 ounces which are considered more lightweight compared to other gaming headsets.

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless looks like their other sibling the HyperX cloud II wired but unlike the wired sibling, they have controls on both ears cups which you will find straightforward and intuitive.

The left cup hosts power and microphone mute buttons which feature concave and convex designs, respectively, making identifying each one a breeze.

On the left ear cup, there is a power button, as well as a microphone mute button which has an LED light that turns red when you mute. 

You can also press and hold the microphone button to turn the 7.1 surround sound on and off.

A volume wheel, featuring a pleasant textured feel and just right resistance, sits on the right cup.

The detachable boom microphone is removable and includes a mute indicator light at its tip.

We found that it does an impressive job of recording your voice even in noisy environments. 

The HyperX Cloud II wireless is comfortable with PCs, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch controls 

 One downside is that their companion software is very basic and doesn’t offer many customization features.

Audio Performance 

The HyperX Cloud boasts 7.1 virtual surround sound and a satisfying heavy bass sound profile.

The 53 mm with neodymium magnets is projected to give low, medium, and high frequencies space to resonate without interfering with each other and you do get a sense of that while listening to them.

The Hyperx Cloud II wireless can deliver consistently crisp, clear audio with a closed-back design it makes the stereo soundscape punchier.

The headphones can be switched to virtual 7.1 surround sound with a quick press of a power button.

In terms of battery life, the headset boasts 30 hours of life while being used for several days and a 20-meter wireless range broadcasting at 2.4GHz.


Type; Wireless, Over Ear |Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| Weight; 300g| Sensitivity; 20dBV|


  • Powerful but clear sound
  • Excellent boom microphone 
  • Effective surround sound 
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Superb comfort and sturdy design 
  • Over 30 hours of continuous battery life


  • Few extra features 
  • Bass could be a bit punchier

Final Take

With a couple of minor exceptions, Kingston’s if it isn’t broke don’t fix it approach pays off, refinement and polishing what already worked, while also cutting the cord. 

The HyperX Cloud II Wireless surround sound headphone is a little light on features, but its outstanding comfort and solid audio performance make it a great choice for gamers looking to cut the cord.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

2. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless 

Best ESport Gaming Headset

The Razer BlackShark V2 pro is decent wireless surround sound gaming headphone and is compatible with PCs as well as PS4 and PS5 consoles over a non-Bluetooth connection and has low latency. 

For consumers with a love for competitive gaming, or those looking for a supreme level of audio quality for further immersion, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is a worthwhile proposition.


The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro wireless has the same oval-shaped ear cup design as the Razer BlackShark V2 and the Razer BlackShark V2 X except that they are wireless.

This Razer headset sports a completely black design lacking any form of RGB lighting.

It does look attractive and can be adjusted to your liking using Razer’s Synapse software, which also allows for custom audio profiles. 

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro wireless is made entirely of solid plastic, which gives them sort of a sleek look.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro has the same memory foam ear pads wrapped in breathable fabric and memory foam-covered padding on the underside of the headband with faux leather on the top side. 

 This means that they don’t clamp very tightly on your head and you can wear them for long periods and their cloth padding is very soft and comfortable.

 Besides the volume dial, all other controls and connections also sit on the left ear cup arranged along the bottom edge.

You can also remove the boom microphones for a more casual look. Overall take considering all the design aspects is that these headphones are very comfortable.


The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless comes with lots of customization features including a USB dongle. 

 Access to Razer synapses software lets you adjust their microphone and their sound profile.

The buttons are clicky and they provide good feedback.

You will find an input for charging the headset via USB alongside a duo of buttons for muting the microphone and switching the headset on or off.

The microphone itself is detachable, meaning you take it out when you aren’t engaging in online multiplayer for a smoother fit. 

 Key features include; THX spatial audio, noise cancellation, Triforce Titanium 50mm drivers removable Hyper clear Supercardoid.

According to Razer, the BlackShark V2 Pro can last up to 24 hours on a charge, and has a range of nearly 40 feet.

When powered on, a small indicator LED above the micro USB port glows unobtrusively. 

Focusing primarily on three attributes positional audio, communication clarity, and noise cancellation, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is a premium wireless gaming headset in every sense of the word. 

The razers BlackShark V2 pro have an easy-to-use control scheme and can be used wirelessly with PCs, PS4, and PS5 consoles.

Audio Performance 

Out of the box, they have a bass-heavy sound profile that adds boom and punches to action-packed scenes in your favorite games.

They sound crisp and clean surround sound without a hint of fuzziness or sibilance and they offer potent power and solid bass response.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a very consistent audio delivery and they struggle to isolate against ambient noise.

Connections and Accessories 

They include a 3.5mm headset cable jack, another 3.5mm jack for a detachable boom microphone, a micro USB port for charging, a microphone mute button, and a power button.


Type; Wireless, Over Ear |Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| weight; 320g | 


  • Comfortable fit
  • Noise cancellation
  • Solid build quality 
  • Great audio quality 
  • Excellent microphone
  • THX spatial audio works well
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • 10- band graphic EQ


  • Higher frequencies 
  • could be a bit crisper
  • Isn’t fully compatible with consoles 
  • Plastic parts for design lack a premium feel

Final Take

The Razer BlackShark V2 pro takes the Blackshark V2’s excellent performance and makes it wireless.

This surround sound headphone is comfortable enough for long gaming sessions and there are a lot of customization options in the Razer Synapse software. 

This isn’t a cheap headset, but it is designed for Esport players including several premium features alongside excellent build quality for the price.

SteelSeries Arctic Pro

3. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless 

Best for Hard-core Audiophiles Gamers

The Steel Series Pro Wireless features impressive hardware, customizable sound quality

This is by far one of the best gaming headsets on the market right now.

A durable built design with versatile connections on wireless gaming headphones.

Features and Design 

The steel series pro wireless headsets feature an all-black design with large oval ear cups and a ski-goggle-inspired designed headband strap.

We find the all-black design with no RGB lighting very favorable since we all know that the lighting does tend to drain the batteries over time.

If you are a diehard fan of customization with RGB lighting you can check out the wired set from the same company, the steel series pro wired.

These feature oblong-shaped ear cups with breathable air weave material which gives them a soft feeling and gives room for your ears to breathe.

The headband on these headsets is adjustable to give you desired comfort.

One of the downsides to this Velcro fastener is that it gives you little room for adjustment and you might find them to be a bit snug if you have a larger head or a head full of hair.

These wireless headsets do seem a bit bulky when you first wear them compared to the wired ones, but you need to remember that they do pack battery on one ear cup.

Overall, these headphones are very comfortable and once you tweak them and that sweet spot and you will barely feel them on your ears.

Audio Performance

This by far is no doubt the best-sounding gaming headset because of the built-in high-fidelity sound drivers.

Steel series did not spare any details on the hardware and there is an equalizer for selecting frequencies among presets and for customizing the audio.

The sound range frequencies of the drivers double that of other gaming headsets and are astonishing how you can notice the clear separation of the highs, mids, and lows.

The other great thing about these headsets is that you get the quality sound and at the same time wide frequency range with not audio lagging, which is a plus for wireless headphones.

Connection and Accessories 

The steel series pro wireless comes with a versatile set of connections, you can connect with Bluetooth, USB, or a 3.5 mm cable.

You get a retractable onboard microphone that sounds natural and balanced.

It comes with a USB wireless transmitter with a prominent dial and an OLED screen to help navigate the User Interface. You also get an audio cable and a mobile adapter in the packaging.

The headphones battery offers you up to 10 hours of playtime plus you have the convenience of swapping batteries.

This is made possible by the transmitter which houses the spare battery and also acts as a charger and so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice.

The headsets are compatible with PS4 and PC but if you want wireless chat on your PS4 you will need to connect the system via optical and USB ports.

A note for the Xbox users is that to connect to the wireless transmitter you will need to use an optical connection but it does not support Xbox chat.


Type; wireless |surround sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| weight; 13.1 ounces| sensitivity; 102db|


  • Comfortable fit
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Versatility in connections
  • The dual battery swap option


  • A bit pricey

Final Take

If you are on the hunt for a 7.1 surround sound gaming headphone that will give your amazing quality audio

with a transmitter that is customizable and impressive high-end hardware, then get the Steel Series Pro Wireless.

It is expensive but it does offer you value for your money.

SteelSeries Arctic 7

4. Steel Series Arctis 7s 2019 Edition 

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

The Steel Series Arctis 7s offers you amazing sound quality with long a lasting battery and the convenience of having a wireless headset.


This can be placed in the category of luxury headsets for gaming and is compatible to use for mobile devices as well as a Play station.

Features and Design    

The Steel Series Arctis 7s is a great improvement compared to the Steel Series Pro from the same company.

We found the overall look of these headphones giving that expensive high-end vibe and so you will feel confident walking around with them in public.

The overall design of these headsets is sturdy with a matte black finish and a customizable adjustable band that you can change the design to fit your style.

The headband can be adjusted to get that tight-fitting and are comfortable enough to wear even with large glasses.

The ear cups have been ergonomically designed to fit right on top of your ears and they are covered with a silk cloth which gives it a soft touch. These Ear Cups can turn 90 degrees to give you more flexibility during storage.

There is a downside if you have a larger head or a set of lush hair on your head then these might be too tight. The headsets also do feel a little bit bulky on the ears but that is mainly because they carry a battery pack on.

Audio Performance

You get impressive surround sound that has a directional punch to it, is clear and vibrant.

The audio profiles can be customized using the EQ Steel Series Software to even sound more amazing.

This software does require setup and registering to your computer which is a bit of a hustle but it does give room for you to enjoy the headphone surround sound feature.

You do get a retractable noise-canceling onboard microphone that stays on always and you can switch it off with a button located on the side of the ear cups.

The mic does have a red LED light to indicate when it is off which we find is a plus.

The headset does go off automatically when not in use but you will need to put them back on when you want to use them.

Connection and Accessories 

The connection of the headset is via an included USB transmitter which provides a long signal range.

The wireless signal range is quite impressive and has a long-lasting battery that will give you plenty of playtime before another charging session.


Type; wireless| surround sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4 G /3.5 mm USB| weight; 376 grams| sensitivity; 98 DB|


  • Long battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable with a tight fit


  • Requires tweaking software to maximize sound

Final Take

Get the Steel Series Arctis 7s if you are looking for a gaming headphone that is premium and can be used for listening to music, watching movies, and gaming with no cable management hustles. 

You will get enjoy amazing audio quality, impressive wireless range, and a long-lasting battery which is close to 20hrs playing time.

5. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX 

Best Wired Surround Sound 

This wired Razer Kraken Tournament Edition packs THX simulated surround sound, a 5.1 channel USB audio, and dual 50mm drivers into a very comfortable design.

Razer is well known for their very capable gaming headsets and the Razer Kraken Tournament editions are an addition to the decent gaming headphones.

They have a great microphone for online gaming and have a great gaming software app which the very similar Kraken Pro V2 lacked.


Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is decent-looking gaming headphones with a bulky design that won’t be for everyone. 

These headphones are available in all black or green with black accents. 

Build quality is similar to that of the Pro V2 model and the headband is reinforced with a wide and sturdy metal frame that makes the headsets look durable.

They have large circular ear cups with a lot of padding, and despite their size, these Razer Kraken Tournament edition gaming headsets are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

The ear cups themselves come with a layer of cooling gel to prevent overheating as well as a fabric that promotes sweat evaporation.

There is also an indentation for eyeglasses and memory foam for a tight fit without any discomfort.

Razer Kraken Tournament edition has on one ear cup controls or lights, only a boom microphone on a flexible metal arm that retracts into the left ear cup when not in use.

The ear cups are dense enough that they won’t break from accidental drops or impacts and the padding material of the ear cups looks and feels high-end. 

Audio Performance 

One of the Krakens TE’s new features is the inclusion of THX Spatial Audio. This is a directional audio-processing technology from the house George Lucas built. 

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition has a warm sound, with a recessed midrange response and a slight bump in the midbass.

The treble is amazingly accurate and the sub-bass is surprisingly rolled off and the resulting sound is fun for most listening tasks, but not all that accurate or neutral.

The amp is the Kraken TE’s most remarkable feature, but there are other ways to fine-tune your experience. 

Once you install the Razer Synapse 3 software, you can also toggle surround sound, create individual profiles for games and set up your equalization profiles. 


Type; Wireless, Over ear |Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| weight;0.71lbs/322g| 


  • Smart amp
  • Excellent sound 
  • Versatile design 
  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy fabric wrapped cables 


  • Somewhat weak highs 
  • Potentially buggy software
  • Too big for easy transport 

Final Take

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is the first Razer headset in a while to take some key risks and almost all of them have paid off.

This is generally a decent gaming headphone. The microphone is really good for online games, the app is also great for gaming software that offers good control over the headset and the Sound quality is Boomy.

It is not the fanciest headset out there, but it hits a sweet spot that delivers a solid feel, strong performance, and lots of features for a reasonable price.

6. Corsair HS60 PRO Surround – Most Durable Surround Sound Headphone

Corsair HS60 Pro Surround Sound

The Corsair HS60 Pro surround is an updated version of the Corsair HS60.

These wired surround sound gaming headphones perform decorously overall and look almost alike to the previous model with slightly thicker padding on the ear cups. 

With many mid-priced options flooding the market, the Corsair HS60 Pro surround stands out with commendable comfort. 


  • Durable 
  • Clear microphone 
  • Solid audio quality 
  • clamps on like a champ 
  • Great microphone clarity 
  • Great construction material 


  • It may be too snug for larger heads
  • High latency when using a USB adapter
  • Many similar corsair models are at this price


The Corsairs HS60 Pro Wireless looks almost identical to the original Corsair HS60. 

These cans come with the build quality and quality build materials. The headset comes in carbon which is black with white accents in the headband, or yellow.

The stitched grid design along the inner headband is finished to look high end and the bright yellow adds a touch of aesthetic interest without going overboard.

The Corsair HS60 Pro also feels as comfortable as the Corsair HS60.

You get protein leather covers the cushioned contact pads which are made of especially soft and squishy memory foam.

The padding on the ear cups is thicker, which is more comfortable but may cause the headphones to feel slightly tighter for those with slightly larger heads.

That means minimal noise bleed in and out of the HS60 Pro surround and a tighter, less airy overall sound than open-backed models produce. 

Weighing in at 0.7 pounds they are middleweight cans that distribute their weight pretty evenly, thanks to a stern clamping force provided by the aluminum headband. 

This is no doubt an exceptionally well-built headset for the money.


You can use Corsair iCUE software to cycle between five presets, including a handy FPS competition mode which boosts low mids from 125Hz to 2K, and a clear chat preset which boosts 1K to 4K generally the space in the EQ spectrum.

Just like the other HS-series cans, you can find a volume scroll wheel and a simple mic mute button at the rear left side.

Surround sound is PC- only using a USB dongle, and the headset is compatible with any device using a 3.5 mm connection.

Audio Performance 

Both stereo and 7.1 virtual surround sound are available here. The HS60 Pro surround sound is great for its intended purpose, like virtual surround sound while gaming or stereo audio for music.

With a pair of 50mm drivers power the HS60 pro surrounds sound articulation is certainly powerful.

This is a gently V-shaped gaming headset. It has tasteful boosts in the bass and treble regions. 

The bass is creamy and pleasant, with neither the punch nor precision audiophiles want. 

The boosted mid-bass makes the low end the most obvious feature of the sound. This sort of bass is fun for single-player gaming and movie watching, and not as great for competitive gaming or critical listening. 

It does a good job of separating your voice from background noise, so your teammates should have no problems hearing you, even in noisy environments.

Unfortunately, they have fairly high latency for wired headphones, so competitive gamers may notice a small amount of lag.

The microphone does its job marvelously and there is visibly more clarity in this than the HS50 and a bit more low end too.

This headset comes with the option of both 3.5mm and USB connections types.


Type; Wired, Closed-Back |surround sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| weight; 0.7 pounds/317g | Cord length; 5.9 feet/1.8 m|

Final Take

Corsair improved the materials, tweaked the sound, and enhanced the microphone, all without raising the price.

They are comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, and their wired design means you don’t have to take breaks to charge their battery.

They have thicker padding in the ear cups which causes a tighter fit, resulting in a more bass-heavy sound profile and their microphone is better.

This revamped HS60 Pro surround is now the first and foremost model to check out from the Corsair line and certainly, one of the better picks markets wide too.

7. Logitech G PRO X 7.1 – Best Wireless Surround Sound Headphones


This is a nicely made, comfortable gaming headset that offers strong sound performance and includes a USB sound card.

 This card provides 7.1 channel simulated surround sound and extensive audio customization options through Logitech G Hub software. 

The G pro X wireless is a robust headset, featuring excellent sound for music and gaming, an impressive microphone, and swappable ear cups. 

The G Pro X wireless doesn’t require any wire to function, which makes it an excellent accessory for PC, PS4, and switch. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Feature-packed software
  • Easy wireless compatibility 
  • Compatible with PS4 and PC
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Excellent simulated surround imaging


  • Pricey 
  • Tight fit 
  • Not compatible with Xbox One  
  • Only works through a USB transmitter


The Logitech G Pro X wireless is a mid-sized headset that is a little bit industrial with plain black accents but the overall effect is quite calm and elegant.

This headset is a very similar design to the Logitech G Pro X Gaming headset. They both have a metal frame with thick padding and big, padded ear cups with a metallic silver accent on the outside.

The Logitech G Pro X wireless gaming headset has an amazing build quality and comes with aluminum forks and a steel headband that feels very solid and durable.

The left ear cup also holds all other controls and connectors, including a power switch, a microphone mute button, a volume wheel, and a USB-C port charging. 

They also come with two different sets of memory foam pads for ear cups, so you can choose between the set covered by cloth and the set covered and leatherette. 

If the faux leather gets a bit hot for your ears, the G Pro X wireless also comes with a set of soft fabric ear pads that are more breathable but isolate less outside noise.

They have a decent weight and overall they are very comfortable headphones.

Their boom microphone is detachable, which is convenient if you want a more casual look.


One thing worth mentioning about the Pro wireless is that Logitech is not kidding about this being a wireless headset.

There is no way to connect it via a 3.5mm jack or USB cable, so unless your system accepts a USB-A input, you are not going to get any sound.

On the left ear cup, you will find most of what makes the headset tick, including a volume dial, a microphone mute button, a power button, a USB-C charging port, and a 3.5mm microphone port. 

The headset is a good choice for PC, PS4, or switches in docked mode. 

Mobile phones, Xbox one systems, and switches in handled mode are out of the question. 

The removable microphone connects to the left ear cup and features a foam-covered capsule on a flexible black metal arm.

The G Pro X wireless provides a plethora of microphone adjustments using blue voice technology through the Logitech G Hub software.

Audio Performance 

The Logitech Pro X wireless headset offers a variety of different presets in both stereo and surround sound, meaning you can match each game with an optimized soundscape. 

Its advanced features are enabled through the Logitech G Hub software and include 7.1 channel simulated surround sound with DTS Headphone X.

The software also provides a 10 band equalizer with multiple presets and the option to add as many customs EQ setting as you want.

The simulated surround feature in G Hub should be enabled when listening to music as well as playing games or watching movies.

The Pro X wireless delivers rich clear audio across the board. It adds a separate bass channel that improves low-frequency response while listening in stereo-only modes sounds thin.

The G Pro Wireless is a PC- only gaming headset, designed to work on machines with windows & or above


Type; Wireless, Closed-back |Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| weight; 63g| 

Final Take

The Logitech G Pro wireless light speeds are very good for wireless gaming. Using proprietary wireless, they can connect with your PC or your PS4 without a lot of latency. 

They are well built and have a decently neutral sound profile for gaming headphones, and their detachable boom microphone performs well out of the box. 

Wireless functionality in a gaming headset is always going to be an expensive addition, but the Logitech G Pro X wireless has these capabilities for far less.

The Pro X wireless is still one of the very best gaming headsets around and well worth a look from anyone with $ 200 to spend.

8. Corsair Virtuoso SE RGB Wireless – Best Splurge

Corsair-Virtuoso-SE-RGB-Wireless Surround Sound

What you see is what you get, a sleek gaming headset that focuses on delivering a premium experience with solid performance.

With fantastic audio quality and scope, even in the higher ranges, those traditional headsets seem to struggle with and a microphone worthy of a far higher price tag.

Competing with the best gaming headset, this is resolutely a high-end offering, with a maximalist spec sheet and a beautiful aesthetic that seems disconnected from the adolescent styling of most gaming peripherals.

Corsair has turned up the suave with a set of understated but incredibly powerful gaming cans. The corsair virtuoso RGB wireless SE is decent wireless gaming headphones. 

If you are after a set of sophisticated headphones with an understated design offering more power under the hood than they let on, you are in a real treat.


  • Premium, durable look and feel
  • Graphic EQ and presets available 
  • Very good microphone performance  


  • Tight fit 
  • No channel mixing 

Design and Features

The Corsair Virtuoso SE has a straightforward but premium look. They are less flashy than other gamer-centric headsets, with a black and silver color scheme.

The corsair virtuoso SE has a great build quality. They are made from good quality and dense plastic, while there is metal in the headband. They also have a brushed aluminum finish on the ear cups.

They are lightweight enough to withstand long hours of play without feeling top-heavy or constrictive. 

The memory foam cushions gently clasp around the ear to ensure both full audio coverage and prevent painful clipping that can occur after a few hours in lesser sets.

The virtuoso uses an ample amount of memory foam padding on both its headband and its ear pads. Both the headband and ear cups are padded with a nice feeling faux-leather and give them an all-around premium look and feel.

Instead of jamming huge RGB light rings into the cups, Corsair opted for a basic light-up logo in the center of each cup.

The design is similarly impressive, with a timeless pro headphone look that’s more stylish and modern than most of the competition.

The headset comes with the best travel case for a gaming headset, along with a premium braided USB-C charge cable, a 3.5mm adapter cable, the wireless receiver dongle, and a detachable microphone.

The corsair virtuoso SE has more customization options for their RGB side-lighting, brushed metal aluminum, a robust build, wireless and wired connections, a built-in hi-res DAC, and an excellent microphone.

The battery lasts for 20 hours if you turn the lighting off. 

Audio Performance 

The virtuoso remains impressive. It is very much in the highest echelon of gaming headsets.

The big feature term of audio here is hi-res capability, evident in its 10HZ-40 kHz frequency responses.

It renders female vocals with an aggressive bite, though it also adds some additional clarity to positional effects in games. The sharp, detailed midrange is the most prominent aspect of sound. 

The sub-bass gets a gentle boost and the upper bass calms down. The midrange loses some bite and the treble gains a touch more detail.


Type; wireless, Closed Back |Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm| Weight;0.8 pounds/360 g| 

Final Take

The corsair virtuosos SE RGB are decent gaming headphones with a premium look and feel, and impressive microphone performance.

They can be used wired and 

Wirelessly, have over 13 hours of continuous playback time, and are compatible with corsair iCUE software, so you can customize them to your liking. 

The Corsair virtuoso RGB wireless SE gaming headphones are out to make a statement, and they’ve performed well. This is solid is a solid attempt at a flagship-level headset for less.

If you are looking for a PC first soundscape to provide all-encompassing audio at crystal clear quality even better.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB wireless SE has blown me away with its attention to detail and a design approach that manages to cram premium touches into almost every facet of its figure 

It’s a fantastic looking headset, sounds powerful in the gaming environment, and lives up to its 20-hour battery life .

9. Corsair Void Pro RGB – Best Budget and for Home Theater

Corsair Void Pro RGB

The Corsair Void Wireless Pro is an affordable comfortable pair of wireless headphones with surround sound audio, a clear flexible onboard microphone, and a remarkably Bluetooth wide range of up to 40 ft.


  • Strong audio quality
  • Value for Money
  • Clear microphone


  • Loose fit
  • Plastic built with gloss parts

Features and Design 

The Corsair void wireless pro is from a company that is well known for the production of PC components.

The overall design of Corsair Void Wireless Pro is an acquired taste for different people. They do have a stylish look to them and the plastic built makes them lightweight.

We found that the outer plastic shell makes these headphones look cheap and the glossy sides can get fingerprints over time, but underneath is a metallic frame that feels very sturdy. Now, considering the price point, we cannot complain about either.

You do get a thick plastic headband that is expandable to accommodate the shape of your head.

The ear cups are large enough to give your ears room to breathe and thick padding that makes them very comfortable.

The downside, however, is that they don’t offer a tight snug fitting and we found these headsets slipping at times, which can be annoying if you have a smaller head.

Audio Performance

When it comes down to the audio performance the Corsair void wireless pro offers great sound quality for listening to music, watching movies, and even gaming.

We found the bass a bit low but this can be easily adjusted with the software, which is fairly easy.

The EQ profiles were a bit limited but you do get the option of accessing the 7.1 surround sound inside the utility engine, which is awesome.

The control options are on the side ear cups, you get buttons and dial to change the EQ profiles, adjust the volume, and mute the microphone.

You do get a noise-canceling onboard microphone that gives quality audio and is flexible enough to be shaped how you like.

Another thing that we do like is the lighting option on the onboard microphone which lights up when the Mic is offline.

Connection and Accessories 

The main attraction point that I found with these headsets is the RGB lighting.

If you have other Corsair products you can set them to alternate the RGB lights simultaneously.

This, however, will drain the battery life and cause you to keep charging these headsets so we suggest that you leave them off if you want the battery life to last.

The battery life is another challenge that we found with these headsets (this beats having a wireless headset if you have to keep charging regularly) for wireless headsets with longer-lasting battery life we recommend the Steel Series Arctis 7.


Type; wireless| Surround Sound; 7.1| Connection; USB |Weight; 390g| Sensitivity; 107db|

Final Take

With the Corsair Void Wireless Pro you get a comfortable pair of wireless surround sound gaming headsets with superb sound quality and wide wireless range, a good microphone to communicate during your gaming sessions all with a value for your money.

10. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum – Best Budget Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G935 Wireless

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless gaming headsets that are extremely comfortable provide a reasonable range and amazing sound quality at a good price point.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Clear microphone
  • Compatible with PC, consoles, and Mobile devices


  • Bulky design
  • Poor noise isolation

Features and Design 

The overall design is attractive and stylish, although it stands out when wearing them as gaming headsets.

You get a large plastic headband that is engraved with lines and covered with cloth foam.

The gaming headsets are available in black and white, with a matte finish that is covered in durable plastic, well-constructed built, and soft cloth foam.

They come in an over-the-ear design with large ear cups that swivel to give extra comfort when resting on your shoulders.

They feature magnetic side panels that house the USB Dongle and replaceable battery. Our concern with these magnetic side panels is that they keep falling off and this can get quite annoying.

They also, unfortunately, do not provide the best at noise isolation due to the over-ear design and so if you do decide to use them in a public or noisy environment be ready for sound leakage to and from your surroundings.

Overall, Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is a comfortable pair of headsets and you can wear them for long hours without any issues. The overall built makes them a bit bulky but this doesn’t affect the comfort in any way.

Audio Performance

The sound quality is impressive which makes them good for gaming and also for listening to music.

They are surround sound headsets with both DTS and Dolby virtual surround sound.

If by any chance you are an audiophile gamer and want headsets that can serve for both music and gaming, then I suggest that you check out the Steel Series Arctis 7 which sounds way better according to our experiments.

We got to hear the gunshots and the enemies’ footsteps when playing Horizon zen with clarity. Bass’s response is excellent and with a lot of punch.

The other thing that makes these headsets attractive to gamers is that the sound quality of the non-detachable microphone included is impressive.

It looks small but it is surprisingly very clear and can be muted by easily pushing it to the back, making it great for discord and game chat.

There is full RGB lighting on the backside of each ear cup and you get to change the sound profiles with Logitech software.

This software is available to download for free on the Logitech website and you can use the software to adjust the surround sound settings, the RGB lighting, and EQ profiles.

Connectivity and Accessories

Charging the headset can be done using a Micro-USB port and you get wired operations using the 3.5 mm jack.

It comes with 3 additional cables and this makes it compatible to be used with consoles, mobile devices, TV and there is a USB cable included for charging.

The headphones connect wirelessly to a PC with a 20m range that is not distorted when walking to an adjacent room.

You get to enjoy a maximum battery life of 12 hrs when not using the RGB lighting and 8 hrs using the RGB lighting.

I get that the RGB lighting was meant for customization with other Logitech devices where you can alternate lights, but the funny bit Is that if you are the one using the headsets when gaming you really can see the headsets at the back.

I do recommend that because you want the battery life to last longer for these wireless headphones, leave them off.

There are customizable buttons on the back of the ear cups as well as and volume dial which does take time to get used to.


Type: wireless| Surround Sound: DTS, 7.1| Connection: USB, 3.5mm jack| Weight: 370g |Sensitivity: 107db|

Final Take

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is meant for games that enjoy clear sound vocals and expansive sound audio, with a microphone that is clear on a wireless headset.

They do come at an affordable price point and even though the plastic built does make them look no so high-end; overall they are great gaming headsets with impressive features.

7.1 Best Surround Sound Headphones

When you are shopping for the best surround sound headphones for you these are some of the things you need to remember!

Best Surround Sound Headphones Buying Guide

Surround Sound headphones are very popular Mostly with Gamers because they give them the option to be fully immersed in the game.

Normal headphones are good, but unfortunately they don’t offer that 360 degrees sound from all directions that makes you feel that you are part of the Movie you are watching.

With all the choices that are in the market today, it becomes a tedious task to narrow down to the best surround sound headphones and to make the right decision.

Here we are going to look at in detail some of the specifications  you need to look out for when choosing a Surround Sound headphones.

Now let us get down to it!

#1.Microphone Specs 

One of the most important specs that come with a gaming headset is having a good quality microphone.

This is important since you will want to communicate with your other teammates and also have a decent mic is great favour you are doing for everyone, we all know those gamers with crappy mics and how it goes!

To get a gaming headset with a good mic there are a few things that you may need to consider

Unidirectional microphones- they are a type of mic that only accepts sound from the front direction, they are okay when it comes to gaming and do block the surrounding sounds, but the problem is that your voice does not sound natural.

Bi-directional microphones- they are the type that accepts sounds from the front and the back and reject the sides. They provide and well-balanced natural sounding voice and offer noise- cancelling capabilities.

The bi-directional mics tend to be found in high-end headphones but there are some exceptions.

A good gaming headset is one with a good mic incorporated and is easy to use and has good specs to make the gaming experience worthwhile.

The choice you make on a type of microphone will greatly depend on what you often use mics for and your daily habits.

#2.Gaming headset Connection Type

The connection type in gaming headsets is also another important feature. Trust me this will save you money as well had a headache later as we will see.

Different headphones come with different connection types; the most common are the USB, 3.5mm, wireless, or even optical connections.

The wireless type of headset use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (2.5GHz) for connection, they are generally easy to connect with a variety of devices and with more technology development they have less sound lagging and give the convenience no cable management.

The first part is looking at compatibility and what you use to play games, Ps4 or PC.USB wireless is mostly compatible with PC and Ps4 and some cases with Xbox one. The older Xbox with require a Microsoft 3.5mm adapter for it to be compatible.

3.5 mm connections are those round port and they have various advantages, one being is that headphones with a 3.5mm connections can be used by a variety of devices like PC, mobile devices, tablet and any other device with a 3.5mm  connection.

The USB connection type has the advantage of a good sound signal and digital connection. The downside you will be limited to the number of devices to connect with, and some headphones with only USB connections can only be used on PC setup.

The trick here is to go for gaming headsets that have both connections for more compatibility.

#3.Drivers on Gaming Headset Explained 

There are many parts that come with your headphones, but we consider the drivers to be one of the most important parts since they are the parts that convert the electrical signals to sound waves.

These are either known as Transducers or drivers and they come in a cone-like shape and are made up of magnets and voice coils.

There are drivers of different sizes; you can have drivers that are 8mm, 15mm, 20mm and even 5mm.

The point to note here; is that the size does not necessarily translate to the sound quality produced by the particular drivers, the material and the technology used by the drivers is what sets it apart.

The other thing to remember about headphones sound quality and multiple drivers is that, if a headset has more drivers there is filtering to allow for each driver to take care of a particular frequency range.

The main thing to consider when choosing headphone drivers is the type of drivers on the headphones. There are different types of drivers and each has a unique way of producing sound.

If you are lost for choice when it comes to your, then I will suggest that you go for high-end headphones like the steel series, these tend to feature the same drivers across all their headsets and thus giving you more assurance of quality.

More on the types of drivers

#4.Sensitivity on Gaming Headsets Explained

This a measure of the sound produced by headphones on a certain power level.

In other terms, it is also known as the sound sensitivity pressure level (SPL) that your headphones can handle and is measured in decibels (dB).

The focus with sensitivity is to know the amount of power required by the headphone drivers to convert the electrical signal to sound wave, mill watt (mW) which is, in turn, is used to measure the (SPL).

The other thing that is also important to note is that the sensitivity goes hand in hand with impedance. If impedance increases you may be required to have an addition amp.

The main reason for us to know the sensitivity of a particular headphone is for health purposes and protecting our ears from damage in the long run (Which is irreversible and has no cure).

The safest range for sensitivity is between 75db and 110 dB, this is because the maximum sensitivity a human hear can handle is 100db for just 20 minutes.

#5. EQ Settings of Gaming Headsets Explained 

The EQ in full is the Equalizer, this is in simple term is something that allows you to adjust or tweak the frequencies of your headphones to get that desired output.

I know most of us have seen an equalizer before, on the old automobiles on the dashboard there was a noble that you could push up or down (that most of us were not allowed to touch when we’re young mmmmh!)

So most headsets do come with presets another term for equalizations that have done by the manufacturer.

The customization of sound is important for you to get the best sound quality out of your gaming headsets. They are not had to use and you can play until you get used to it.

#6.Stereo Vs Surround Sound Headphones 

Stereo headsets are generally the most common type of headphones available on the market. The main reason is that they are able to offer surround sound effects.

This is can be achieved due to the fact that unlike the Mono headsets which are not capable of playing independent sound from two speakers. The stereo headphones play distinct sound out of the two speakers.

Stereo headphones have the ability to playback sound from both channels, left and right and create the effect of listening to sound from different directions.

When you are listening to music for stereo headphones you will be able to hear two distinct sounds from each ear cup.

The difference now between True surround sound headphones and the stereo headphones is that they employ the advantage of several drivers to increase the quality of the directional surround sound effect.

Stereo headphones can also serve as virtual surround sound headphones as they use software to achieve the surround sound.

What are surround sound headphones?

If you are someone who loves watching movies or gaming, you clearly know the difference when it comes to watching with surround sound speakers and watching movies with normal TV speakers.

The surround sound headphones try to achieve the same effect in comparison to normal headphones where you hear the sound in the ear canal is coming from your head.

With surround sound headphone they deliver the sound from all directions like surround sound speakers.

There are two major types of surround sound headphones;

True surround sound headphones– they contain multiple drivers/speakers that broadcast at different angles.

The True surround sound headphones work to counter the unnatural detached sound, like the surround speakers using several speakers that have been placed discretely in the headphones that handle different channels of sound.

Virtual surround sound headphones -they rely on two speakers that have complex sound processing that makes the sound feel like it is coming from multiple.

The virtual surround sound headphones use artificial means to make the sound that enters the headphones to be divided into different ranges and thus sound like they come from different directions or from more sources.

#7.Open Back Vs Closed Back Gaming Headsets

Closed back gaming headsets-these tend to have a solid cup around the speakers and can block sound from the surroundings and also don’t allow for sounds from the headsets to the outsides.

They are good to use in public and for those late night gamers so that you wake up the neighbours or family when you declare war.

You will be able to hear the sounds of the game you are playing with clarity and concentrate on your game too.

A good pair of closed-back gaming headsets from our collection is the HyperX cloud revolver S.

One of the downside to this type of headset is that since they are built to keep the noise out and in, they come with leather pads that getting sweaty when used over a long period of time.

The sound from the headsets is also unnatural and bottled up.

Open back gaming headsets-these offer a more natural sound as they have a more open design of ear cups and are comfortable to wear  They also don’t offer noise isolation and you will pretty much hear the noise from your surroundings.

An example of a good open back gaming headset is Turtle Beach Elite Pro headsets.

surround sound headphones

Wrapping up!

If you made it this far clap for yourself my dear, I know the review was long but I tried my best to give you all that you need to make the best choice.

If you enjoyed and found this article helpful if you have any comments or suggestions feel leave me them down below.

Have an awesome day!

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