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Best Wireless Headset for Working from Home 2023

You can agree with me that,

Not all headphones are ideal for the workplace and having the best wireless headset for working from home can make your life more productive and much better.

Simply because different types of offices require different types of microphones depending on the task/use, environment, and movement.

Best Headphones for Office Editor’s Choice 

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Wireless Headset for Working from Home

best headphones for office

#1.Noise Cancelation or Isolation 

If you work in a very busy and probably noisy office (shared office with lots of workers and machines such as printers), it is highly recommended to go for the noise-canceling headphones. 

These have outward-facing microphones which pick external noises and produce waves to cancel them before they hit your ears. 

It is good to note that such microphones can be useful for doing such tasks as video editing or transcription but might hinder you from hearing your colleagues calling or talking to you. They are also not good for phone calls. 

#2.Wireless or Wired Headphones

These are the most common types of headphones. If you work in an office where you move around a lot, it is highly recommended to go for wireless headphones.

However, if you don’t move a lot, don’t like charging headphones regularly, and dislike connection issues then go for wired headphones. Wired headphones usually produce a better sound than wireless (Bluetooth) headphones. 

#3.Audio Connection Ports

Before acquiring a piece of headphones, it is good to check the ports on your office device (laptop, desktop computer, or phone). 

Some devices have a USB port while others have a 3.5 mm jack. It is good to be sure your device can be connected to the headset. In some instances, one has to acquire adapters for the task.

#4.Features and Controls 

 The majority of headphones in the office are mainly used for communication. It is a good idea for the headset to have a high-quality boom mic.

The controls on the headphones ought to be easily accessible and good to work with for such functions as volume control, answering calls, muting, or handing calls, changing music. 

#5.Sound Leakages

 If you want to listen to music at the office or watch other content, it is highly recommended to go for headphones that do the opposite of noise cancelation. 

These kinds of headsets that stop sound leakages are called closed-back headphones. The opposite is open-back headphones which can leak sounds and annoy colleagues. 

Due to all the above factors, there is no single type of headphones that can be recommended to all workers.

One has to choose depending on their intended use, office space, and other factors. Below are some of the best choices in each category based on my unbiased analysis and testing. 

Best Wireless Headset for Working from Home Reviews 

1. Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC – Wireless and Good Boom Mic

  • Wireless /Bluetooth
  • Talk time – 12 hours
  • Binaural headset (two earcups)
  • Range –98 feet
  • Red LED on-call indicator
  • Weight – 0.33 pounds (150 grams)
  • Mic mute button

Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC

If you prefer a wireless headphone with a high-quality boom mic, we recommend the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC.

This is a stereo headphone that also delivers good sound quality and comfortable on the ears.

A Bluetooth headset that is suitable for professional office use and allows one to move around without having to take off the set. 

Most Voyager headsets are usually designed with IT departments in mind, but the 4220 UC model is suitable for non-IT users also.

It is a very innovative headset that can be connected to both a phone and computer with a dongle to switch between the two. This is very ideal where the office receives both web and phone calls.

Like most headphones designed for phone calls, the Voyager 4220 UC does not have noise cancellation features.

However, it remains my best choice due to mic clarity, extended talk time, long-range, audio quality, and ease of use.


  • High-quality boom mic
  • The good sound quality on calls
  • Wireless
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Lacks active noise cancellation thus not suitable for very noisy places

2. BlueParrott B550-XT – Monaural and Noise Cancelation 

  • Wireless/Bluetooth
  • Talk time – 24 hours
  • Monaural (one earpiece)
  • Wireless Range – 300 feet or 100 meters
  • Voice Control
  • Noise cancellation of background noise
  • IP54-rated from moisture and dust
BlueParrott B550-XT

If you prefer a headphone with one earpiece (monaural), wireless, and has active noise cancellation during calls, we highly recommend the BlueParrot B550 -XT Headphone. 

This headphone is suitable for a busy and noisy call center where the mic is supposed to pick the sound of just the operator taking the call and filter all the other external noises. 

BlueParrot B550 -XT Headphone also has voice control with such commands as ‘redial’, ‘am I connected?’ etc which makes day-to-day activities easy. 

The BlueParrot B550 -XT has one of the best talk times which I found to last between 22 – 24 hrs, which is double the talk time of Voyager 4220C. This is likely to be attributed to the monaural design where only one speaker consumes power.

It has a good range of up to 300 feet from the device which is more than enough for most office spaces. 

Despite the BlueParrot B550-XT being a bit costly, it is worth every penny because it delivers high-quality sound in noisy work environments which makes it very ideal for tasks that require clear communication.

That is why it made it to our listing as one of the best microphones for the office.


  • Long talk time at 22-24 hours
  • The monaural design allows user to hear colleagues


  • It is a bit costly

3. Logitech H151 – Budget Wired and Over-The-Ear

  • Wired
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack Connection
  • Boom Mic which rotates 180°
  • In-line controls for volume and mute
  • Cable length – 5.91 feet (1.8 m)
Logitech H151

If you don’t like large ear cups that cover your entire ears, you will be impressed by the true over-the-ear cups of Logitech. The ear cups on this headphone are square and about 1.5 inches in diameter.

This means that those earcups rest on top of the ears instead of covering them up. This leaves space for your ears to ‘breath’ and prevents sweating.

On the flip side, with such a design one does not enjoy much noise cancellation. 

This microphone is also symmetrical which allows one to wear the headphones both ways and the boom mic can be placed on either side of the head. This very useful for left-handed people

The boom mic on this headphone is pretty good including its noise-cancellation feature. This makes it ideal for making calls in a noisy office. 

The controls are in line with the cable which makes it easy to locate and use them for such functions as volume, and mute. 

Despite the small issues as the poor build quality, the Logitech H151 is a great budget headphone for office use. This is the main reason it made to our listing.


  • Very good performance and speed
  • Sufficient storage at a good price 
  • Elegant design
  • Good display


  • A slight hum from the cooling fan

4. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

  • Bluetooth range: 33 feet.
  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Can pair with two devices simultaneously
  • Weight: 0.56 pounds
  • 11 levels of noise cancellation.
  • USB-C charging port
4. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

If you want the best noise-canceling headphone for the office and the price is not a bother for you, then Bose 700 is the headphone to go for.

We found this headphone to have some of the best noise-canceling for external noise.

This wireless Bose Noise canceling headphone has one of the best audios, active noise cancellation, and hands-free voice assistant access. The noise cancellation does not hinder one from being aware of their surroundings. 

One can also the amount of noise canceling they prefer so that they can still be aware of the environment. This is essential when one has to communicate with coworkers. 

One of the features that I like with Bose 700 is that ear cups rotate up to 900 degrees which is very useful when resting on the neck when not in use without damaging the cups.

These headphones have a good build quality which is not entirely built from plastic but also has metal in the headband which is sturdy and cannot break easily. 

You want the best noise-canceling headphones for the office, go for Bose 700, and toggle between different noise canceling levels. It also comes with the iconic Bose companion app for iOS. 

Bose 700 may be an expensive headphone at around 350 USD which is more than the competitors. However, you will enjoy the sturdy and elegant design.

This also happens to be the first Bose headphone to have touch controls. 


  • Crisp voice calls 
  • Good noise cancellation with 3 levels to choose from
  • Can be connected to two devices simultaneously


  • Not very light
  • A bit costly 

5. Apple AirPods Max 

  • Battery life: 20 hours
  • Colors: silver, Space gray, sky blue, pink green
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Earpads: Memory-foam
  • Speakers: 40mm dynamic drivers.
  • Size: 7.4 x 6.6 x 3.3 inches
  • Features: Siri, Spatial Audio, ANC, audio sharing
Apple AirPods Max

This is among the most expensive headphones in the world, it is more expensive than Bose700. I was curious to test its quality and performance in our office and I was not disappointed by its top-notch sound and build quality.

The build is made from steel, aluminum, and fabric (including memory foam) which feels more premium than regular plastic headphones.

The reason Sony did not make it to the top of this listing is its ridiculous price tag which does not fit very well in most offices.

Office headphones ought to be more functional and less swag, it should be a spade that one can toss around without feeling a pinch in their pocket. But not with these Apple AirPods Max which will leave your wallet feeling the cold. 

As a company, buying AirPods Max for an entire office will cost the company a dime. As General Manager, you will have a lot of questions to answer from the Directors.

If you want some top noise-canceling just go for the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones or Sony 1000XM4s (which I will outline below). 

The earpad design on these headphones is on another level, they are made from high-quality gel design memory-foam. These earpads connect and disconnect from Apple’s custom drivers with a fabric covering. 

They are more breathable than the usual faux leather earpads such as the ones used on Sony WH-1000XM4. This makes these headphones not steam up or less sweaty in warm offices. The earpads are replaceable but the cost is above average at 69 USD. 

The body is made from Aluminum like a MacBook. This is very good quality but is likely to be dented if dropped on a hard floor rather than break. However, this comes with one shortcoming which is the weight. 


  • Easy-to-use controls 
  • Great noise canceling
  • Clear and balanced sound 
  • Revolutionary spatial audio 


  • Very expensive
  • Smart Case offers minimal protection

The AirPods Max weighs more than other headphones of the same category at 13.6 ounces (385 grams).

When compared to 8.68 (249 grams) ounces for the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700, and 8.96 ounces (254 grams) for the Sony WH-1000XM4. A significant difference.

Several people may not like this weight but the AirPods are comfortable to wear. 

The headphones come in a variety of colors that one can choose from to match their office or clothes. These headphones are built for luxury and class. 

The AirPods Max is built with precision in mind from their metallic unibody ear caps, the foam memory earpads, and buttons.

They are for the high-end office user who wants quality and class in their workplace. They are suitable for the boss in the office. 

6. Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

  • Headphone type: Over-ear
  • Colors: Black and Silver
  • Battery life: 28 hours 
  • Weight: 8.95 ounces
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC
  • Noise cancellation; yes 
  • Size: 9.94 x 3.03 x 7.27 inches
Sony WH-1000XM4

These are the other premium headphones that are suitable for the office. These wireless and Bluetooth-enabled headphones are of the over-ear design.

They are very comfortable to wear for an extended time if you work for long hours. 

Unlike the AirPods Max, Sony WH-1000XM4 is mainly made of plastic material. However, it is a special-grade plastic that can handle all types of environments.

My Sony headphones have received quite a rough environment but are still okay. 

They have a control scheme that is a touch-sensitive touch-sensitive control scheme that makes it easy to make adjustments on the fly.

Sony WH-1000XM4 supply over 37 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge. They go through the whole day without a struggle. 

These headphones have a remarkably effective ANC system that filters out everything from noisy machines, workers’ rumble of passing trucks outside to the chatter of nearby coworkers.

Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones do a decent job of preventing audio from leaking out their ear cups, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about disrupting people nearby. 

This sony headphone can support the pairing of several devices, so you can listen to content on your work computer while also streaming music from your phone.


  • Great audio quality 
  • Smart controls
  • Good noise cancellation 
  • Top battery life 


  • Call quality needs some more work

Unfortunately, their integrated microphone makes someone’s voice sound thin, muffled and lacking in overall detail.

It may also struggle with isolating speech from loud background noise. Mediocre microphone aside, they’re versatile enough to also be among the best headphones for office we have tested.

Delivering small but significant enhancements in a familiar package, the Sony WH1000XM4 is a strong contender for the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy.

These headphones sound amazing, noise cancellation is right up there with Bose, and the extensive feature set offers so much playability across multiple media formats and platforms. 

Sony WH-1000XM4 can be considered to be Sony’s best attempt to dethrone Bose 700.

However, Bose’s headphones are still superior in certain areas — including call quality. But Sony’s headphones are near perfection and are among the best headphones for office you can acquire today.

Wrapping up on the best wireless headset for working from home!

Good headphones for the office should have good build quality, great sound quality, comfortable to wear, good mic (preferably boom mic), and most importantly affordable.

When working, one needs the proper headphones to be productive. Depending on what you do, the right headset can help you do more with less effort. 

For a job that involves a lot of calls, one should consider a wireless/ Bluetooth headset. A noisy office can lower your concentration while you work and decrease your productivity in the long run.

Even if you don’t have to call any clients or customers, putting on headphones that support Active Noise Cancellation can be blissful and help you to focus better on the task at hand. 

It is evident that the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC is the best headphones for office use due to the good build, high-quality boom mic, good sound quality, noise cancellation comfortable to wear, and very affordable. 

Did you like our informative reviews and guide above? Then you will definitely love our other lists of the best reviews right now on the market!

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