How to Connect Headphones to TV Via Bluetooth

There are very many reasons why you would want to connect your headphones to the TV.

It might because you want some quite Movie time and you don’t want to disturb other family members or have babies sleeping and you want to catch up on some late night TV show without waking them up.

No matter the reason, today we are going to see the various ways that you can connect your headphones to the TV.

What are we going to cover in this article is are the various ways to connect your headphones to TV wirelessly ( for those who have a pair of Bluetooth headphones).

For those who already own a good pair of wired headphones don’t despair because we are also going to cover that too.

So now before we jump right into this article, we are assuming that you own a pair of dedicated headphones for watching TV/Movies.

This is especially important because we don’t want you to stain when watching your favourite movie.

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A pair of perfect headphone for watching movies needs to be;

  • Comfortable enough to wear for a long period of times without sweating or heating up your earlobes,
  •  Good padding and can block out noise so that you can focus on the movie.


Otherwise, you will end up being distracted from the movies due to discomfort.

And we don’t want that now do we?

Obviously not!

We want a seamless experience of being able to sit back , relax and enjoy the movie with minimal distraction possible.

If you currently don’t own a pair of dedicated headphones for watching movies then we highly recommend that you look for a gaming headset.

These offer you the option of an all in one solution as they can serve as gaming headsets as well as give you that unmatched surround sound experience when watching your favourite  movies.

There are also wireless options in gaming headphones that have good support for optical audio output that is common with Most TVs.

For a great movie audio streaming experience we recommend the Steel series Arctic or the Astro gaming 20, if you are on a budget, both are great Gaming headsets for watching movies.

So if you are looking for more options you can click here.

Now that we have got that cleared,

Let us jump right into ways to connect headphones to your TV.


The choice of connecting wireless headphones is one of the most popular and most preferred due to the setup convenience it offers.

You have the flexibility of sitting anywhere that you want and not to worry about long cable across your living room.

There are various ways that you can connect to your TV wirelessly.

#1 Connection via Bluetooth TV Streaming

With this method, you will need to confirm if your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have bought your TV in recent years then most likely it can support Bluetooth connectivity. A good example of a Bluetooth compatible Smart TV is the Samsung 4k TV.

So now if it does support Bluetooth, you simply just set your Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode and flow the on-screen instructions of how to pair the headphones to the TV.

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Let me take you to step by step;

  1. Go to your TV smart menu
  2. Then go the Audio sound settings
  3. Now look for the Bluetooth option
  4. After locating the Bluetooth option, look for the Bluetooth devices
  5. You will be able to see all the devices available for pairing.
  6. Now put your Bluetooth headphones on pairing mode
  7. Select the Bluetooth headphone name when it appears on the screen
  8. And voila! You have successfully paired your headphones to the TV


As you can see this is a relatively simple process and you will be watching your Movies in no time.

The major downside to this kind of pairing is that lagging, this is when the audio from the TV doesn’t match to the audio that comes to the headphones, it is barely noticeable when music streaming but may occur with movies and this can be very annoying.

For a safe bet make sure that your devices have Bluetooth technology of 4.0 and above.

#2 Connections via Bluetooth Setup-Top Boxes

The other way that you can pair your headphones to TV wirelessly is to use video streaming devices like Amazon fire TV Cube.

These can be paired to your Bluetooth headphones and following the instruction on your streaming box and you will be listening to audio from our headphones in no time.

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Let me take you through these simple steps;

  1. Go to menu then setting option on our TV
  2. Select the controllers and Bluetooth devices
  3. Now choose the other devices option
  4. Then add device
  5. Then put your headphones on pairing mode
  6. Select the headphones when they appear on the screen
  7. Done, now your headphones can stream audio for TV


The process is also quite simple and lagging may occur, so like before make sure that your devices feature a Bluetooth technology that reduces latency.

The same process can also be done with Android TV devices that have the option to pair with Bluetooth devices. A good example is the Sony TV or Nvidia Shield TV.

#3 Connections via an adapter

This is a great option especially if your TV does not have Bluetooth connectivity and you don’t currently have a streaming device.

So to give you TV Bluetooth capabilities we are going to use an accessory known as a Bluetooth transmitter.

Bluetooth Transmitter is inexpensive and they are very many options available on Amazon.

The choice of a Bluetooth transmitter will depend on your viewing options and the audio outputs available on your TV.

These come in various shapes and sizes. They can be a USB dongle or a 3.5 mm cable.

The thing is to find one that supports the audio output from your TV.

Now you maybe be wondering,

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How do I connect a Bluetooth transmitter to my TV?

Don’t worry I will take you to step by step;

  1. The first step is to connect the Bluetooth Transmitter to your TV
  2. Then power up the Bluetooth Transmitter, this can be done by plugging into a power source on the wall (if it is a USB dongle you can skip this step)
  3. Put your Bluetooth headphones on pairing mode ensuring that other Bluetooth devices are off so that there is no interference.
  4. Now set your Bluetooth Transmitter to pairing mode
  5. The blinking of the red and blue lights indicates that they are pairing, so be patient and give the devices time until they stop blinking.
  6. Now your headphones are paired and ready to stream audio.


Yes I know, it was that simple and I guess you thought that it will be a longer process.

You did it!

For the more visual guys, check out this video on how to connect wireless headphones to any TV.

Now you can go ahead and enjoy the movie.

# Connection via RF headphones

These are the Radiofrequency enabled headphones and are normally connected to a charging base.

They are easy to connect and offer a good option for watching movies since they have reduced lagging.

So to connect what you need to do is to just plug the charging base to the wall, then to the TV.

First, check if you will require another connection or adapter depending on the output ports on the charging base.

Now that  we have looked at the various ways to connect headphones to the TV wirelessly.

let us jump to the other  ways to connect headphones to the TV.


The idea is that if you currently own a decent pair of premium headphones then you might what to use these to watching movies apart from listening to music.

So let look at some of the simple ways that we can do this …

#1 Connection Via Adapters

This is one of the less expensive setups because you will not require investing much, thou you will be dealing with some long cable across your room.

The first thing that you need to do when you want to connect your wired headphones to your TV is to look and inspect what type of output is available, these are located at the back of your TV.

Once you have identified the type of output,most TV will have a 3.5mm output, or if you have an older version you may get you to have an RCA port, this will require a female adapter.

Then the other thing you may require is an extended adapter cable because we don’t want to sit so close to TV and spoil or vision, now do we?

If you have recently bought a smart TV you may find that it only has a digital output.

this is alright you will just need a digital- analogue converter ( DAC)

in order to plug in the 3.5mm headphone jack which will also serve the purpose of converting the audio output to play back to your headphones.

#2 Connections Via Streaming Device Remote Control

If you have streamers such as the Roku Ultra or the Shield TV which come with remote control with a headphone jack built- in.
Roku Ultra

This will help you to connect by just placing the headphones in the remote and Voila!

You are listening to the audio through your headphone set.

Final words

There you have it, a simple guide to how you can connect your headphones to your TV so that you don’t miss out on your favourite late night show.

We have just covered some of the simplest ways to connect your headphones to the TV.

There are very many more other ways that you can go about it, but some are long and confusing,

“Although there  are many ways up a mountain, the shortest way is obviously the best one”.

We hope that you enjoyed and found this article helpful.

If you have something to share with us or have any comments please feel free to leave them down below we love to here from our readers.

Be blessed!