How To Make Your Headphones Louder

How to make your headphones louder You can agree with me that our favourite music sounds best when blasted loud on our headphones!

Unfortunately, over time, most headphones don’t give us that sound boost that we crave and sound lower than when they were new.

Lucky for us there are various tips and tricks that you can use to make old headphones louder.

In this article, we are going to show you steps on how to make your headphones louder

Let us dive in;

User Disclaimer

[su_note note_color=”#f9cc82″]Very loud music can damage your hearing permanently so try these steps below at YOUR OWN RISK![/su_note]


1.Check the Volume limit of your Phone audio settings

Sometimes the audio setting of your phone may be set at a low limit for safety reasons.

So go to your phone ‘settings’ and the ‘music’ and then ‘volume limit’ and change the volume slider to your desired volume.

This might work for most people but if you get that it is maximum, you can try the next options.

2.Use a Headphone Booster App

There are several program equalizers on the market right now that can boost the sound of your headphones.

These days most headphones with sound regulation to prevent ear damage due to loud sound and a third party application can be very effective at bringing out the desired sound volume. (Note; Use only safe volumes)

For android user you can try; Volume Booster Pro or Volume Control Plus

For the Apple users try; SonicMax Pro or Volume Boost +

3.Cleaning the headphones

Most of the time if we have used headphones for a long time, there is accumulated earwax and dust on the headphones and this might affect the sound quality due to blockage.

Some of the steps you can use to clean your set of headphones are;

  1. Using an Adhesive puffy; this is a very effective, safe and easy way to clean your headphones or earbuds.

We highly recommend this cleaning method because if you have an expensive set of headphones you don’t want to risk damaging them in the process of cleaning, for this we recommend the Blue-tack adhesives (check price on Amazon).

Just dab of the metal mess of the headphones and it will remove dust and sticky earwax off earbuds or headphones and leave them clean and still in perfect condition.

  1. The other way that you can clean your headphones is to use carbon peroxide, (be careful thou when using carbon peroxide because it is similar to water and might get in the earbud/headphones and damage them).

Using a cotton swab, dip in the carbon peroxide and clean out the mess of the headphones.

  1. If your headphones are on the larger size we recommend that you use compressed air to clean out the dust and ear wax that has accumulated over time.

After you have finished cleaning up the headphones, test the sound quality if you are not satisfied, there is still the next step.

4.Purchase a Sound Amplifier

This is also an easy and great option to make your headphones louder since headphones are basically smaller speakers and just like large speaker they require an amplifier to boost the overall sound output.

They don’t come with built-in amplifiers like other audio devices but you can purchase a pocket amplifier for your headphones.

Things to consider when buying a sound amplifier;

  1. Here you need to check the headphones impedance ( measured in ohms) and the sensitivity (measured in Decibels) because higher impedance will require a much more powerful amplifier.
  2. If you intend to use it on the move consider buying a pocket-size

5.Ear Cardi

Sometimes the reason as to why your headphones or earbuds are not loud enough is because of poor Noise isolation when using your headphones in very loud environments.

This can be solved by using an Ear Cardi, which is basically silicon inserts that you can use to cover up the earbuds and they can fit perfectly into your ears and create sound isolation

[su_box title=”Summary” box_color=”#dedecc” title_color=”#301919″]

If you go through the steps above and you find that you are still not able to make your headphones louder, then we suggest that you buy a new set of headphones that are louder and of better quality.

We hope that this was helpful information, feel free to leave us a comment we love to hear from you!