Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Headphones

The Samson 850 headphone is manufactured by the company Superlux, a reputable company which started in 1980.

The Samson technologies are renowned as the lead the way in the wireless microphone technology and now an industry leader when it comes to professional audio products and solutions.

These headphones can hold their own alongside much more pricey competitors when it comes to sound quality.

If you are on the market looking for a budget-friendly studio headphone then you might have heard of the Samson SR850s. 

These headphones are making quite a buzz because they are so low cost but seem to be able to tick off the list requirements for any serious listener. It is an impressive open back studio headphone for audiophiles on a budget.

 Some reviews have reported that they are on par with the quality of Sennheiser HD600 and AGO K240.

1. Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back – Best Budget Studio Headphones

The Samson SR850 studio headphones are built with optimum performance in mind, with impeccable features they offer quality sound output with a solid bass response in an over-ear design.

They also offer the best comfort and accurate sound monitoring. If you are a beginner in music production or just someone looking for better sound with limited funds, the Samson SR850 should be ideal.


  • Durable 
  • Comfortable 
  • very long cord 
  • Amazing sound


  • Sound leakage
  • None removable cable 
Samson SR850 Review

Samson SR850 Studio Headphones Review


The Samson 850 are majorly studio headphones; meaning that they are made primarily for professional work. Studio headphones tend to have a neutral sound signature and have a much longer cable attached to them with an adapter attached that lets you plug into your audio interface.

This neutral sound signature means that there is no boost in sound or trembles to avoid coloring the sound. This is necessary to produce an accurate sound that is also very detailed.

Additionally, the Samson SR850 is a headphone with low impedance; which means you don’t require an amplifier to run it. It should be loud enough for listening even on your phone or laptop. Even with little power they can deliver high audio levels and will work well with most equipment with weak amplification.

These are semi-open back headphones which are good because the space used to move the sound wave from the drivers to your ears is not confined. When it comes to noise isolation, you have to keep in mind that because of their design they do leak out sound when listening to higher volumes, if you plan to wear them in a public place you might get to see some angry stares.

The Samson features a 50mm driver that produces impressive clear and detailed bass. The frequency response is quite generous as they go down to as low as 10HZ and up to as high as 30HZ. This will result in a bigger soundstage.


The overall design was inspired by the AGO K240, a popular studio headphone which is much pricier.

This makes them look good, simple, and with and a hint of style.

The Samson 850 comes with high-quality features and solidly built chassis and boasts an open-ear semi-open back studio reference design.

They are reasonably well made with sturdy metal bands which also make the headphones an unbreakable one. They are built with plastic, like most other headphones at this price range, but not to worry because these do have a much more robust construction compared to other headphones.

Overall, headphones are manufactured utilizing the best standards that will guarantee the best possible work performance with advanced technology incorporated in each headphone. They can deliver brilliant sound quality with emphasis on solid bass response and ultra-clear highs through and open-ear design.


Since they are made of plastic they are extremely light, so they will not put a lot of pressure on your head.

The Samson SR850 uses a self- adjusting vinyl headband which gives you stability and zero pressure on the top of the head. This Semi-open back studio reference headphone offers total comfort even when used for extended periods. 

The earpads are made with velour cushioning, very similar to velvet, and are pretty soft to the touch. The comfort is totally fine even with glasses on.

This studio headphone naturally conforms to the anatomical design of the ear where extended listening could be a pleasant experience. The headphone cable is long enough for a studio professional to move freely. 

They are designed to provide the best professional performance and comfort and are suitable for the extended listening pleasure and long hours of studio mixing.

The headphones fitting and feel is alright, though you cannot be able to compare it with other headphones which were designed to be comfortable on the ears, with more use the tightness of the headphones gets more natural. 

They come with pads that are made of vinyl and your ears may get sweaty if you use them for a long time. But this can be easily fixed by performing a “sock mod” to improve comfort, you can also place a rubber under the pads to raise the drivers from your ears a few MMS.

Sound Quality 

You will be impressed with the sound quality that comes out of these headphones. They sound great for almost all kinds of music genres. We can say that Samson far outweighs the price tag which it wears because you will be able to hear the details in your recordings.

Having an open back design makes the sound of the headphones to be more authentic and natural which is airy to a great degree and very neutral sounding. The sound gives an outdoor amphitheater feel that is up close and personal. The open design allows improved stereo imaging in a wider soundstage.

You will need close to 100 hours of playtime to break them in for you to enjoy the sound quality.

The Samson SR850 offers reliable audio output needed for sound mixing, listening, and recording. A more dynamic range that is essential in creating a final sound mix or for providing excellent sound quality during audio playback for usual listening pleasure.

These headphones will allow better monitoring for bleed or spill in audio output during sound recording or live mixing.

Enhanced with superb quality sound reproduction is possible with the 50mm drivers. The vocals sound great they are clear, crisp, and well-balanced. 

The highs were also impressive, very transparent, and nicely detailed with enough volume you also get bright trembles. The mids were likely the most impressive when it comes to sound. The bass is fair enough, considering they offer accurate sound, so they’re not punchy as some other headphones.

The drivers are smooth and easy; they can hold up to pressure and seem to improve with time. They work well connected to an amp to give you a nice low end and more smooth bass.

They offer a nice range of listening sharpness from dub steps to classical music. It offers a pleasant tight sound that does not leak over to the mids during the lows.

The Samson 850 is also a great option for gamers since they give you the experience of being right there in the game because they present great HD sound.

All in all, these studio headphones are excellent in delivering precise audio output with an emphasis on solid bass response. You will get clear highs with superb performance providing consistent good sound quality.

Connections and Accessories 

The Samson headphone comes in a retail box with some okay graphics. Included in the set is a quality 1/8 to 1/4 inch gold plated stereo jack adapters, a small product information leaflet.

You get the regular headphone jack which you can use to plug directly into your computer or phone. 

The cable is not detachable and is very long, with almost 10 feet to move around which is great for a studio setup. You can also replace it with a dual entry cable for comfort.


  • 50mm drivers
  • 1/8 inch jack 
  • Semi- open back construction
  • 10Hz-30Hz frequency response 
  • a range of 32 ohms impedance 

What we like 

The clamping on the head is comfortable and the pads fall comfortable over the ears with a self-adjusting headband they are very convenient.

The plastic built is very durable, they will not break anytime soon.

They are very nice for gamers because it places you in that virtual environment and offers great sound stage. 

These headphones sound amazing, they are true monitor headphones. They have a great response and will reveal hash recordings and deliver a tight solid bass. Best bargain, these headphones are impressive for their price range.

What we don’t like 

They are semi-open headphones so they are not as bad as completely open headphones but you should expect some leakage. This makes the headphones not ideal for traveling especially if you plan to do lots of monitoring in public places. People will be able to hear what you are listening to if you are listening to a little higher volume. So, in short, there is some noticeable leakage at higher volume points. 

Built as an open back headphone, this headphone is not made for recoding but rather for mixing and monitoring. 

The fit was decent thou there are some people with larger heads that have complained about the long term fit. If it feels tight you can apply an easy solution to break them in. Try out the stretching technique where you set them on any object that is the same size a human head and that will hold them open overnight to get looser feel to them up.

The velour pads feel slightly warm if you wear them for long hours. If you find that the cup cushions are not comfortable enough for you, there are higher-end cups that you can purchase separately that may enhance your comfort level.

The quality build has a cheap feeling and the cable is too long for the go. 


The Samson SR850 studio headphones have a pleasant sound along with great soundstage. They are a good set of headphones that are reasonably priced.

They offer crystal clear sound and are well designed durable headphones. They are highly functional, easy to use, and really can stand to be knocked around a bit.

These do cater to a certain group of people. If you are an audio-snob or a die-hard audiophile, the Samson SR850 might sound unappealing to you. 

They are also not for you if you plan on using them for monitoring music while recording. Since the open back design simply makes it not practical for recoding. You want to find a closed-back headphone for the sole purpose of recording to lessen leakages to your microphone, even closed-back headphone sounds a little less natural.

These headphones are versatile as you can use them for watching movies or for gaming as well as for both studio and home. It can be used for long hours and it is geared towards comfort without sacrificing the sound quality.

The Samson 850 headphones would be perfect for the road because you do not have to worry about beating them up as you do with higher-end options.

Bearing in mind their price and comparing them to other more expensive headphones, this is a favorite headphone for professionals who require a dependable studio headphone. They are an unbelievable bang for your buck.

What is the Bottom-line?

If your budget is tight and you just need something to get by and more concerned with sound than comfort you can benefit from these. They provide excellent listening quality perfect for music lovers, musicians, singers, and even sound engineers. 

Final words

We hope that you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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